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Islamic History Month

5 October 2019 | 12-5 PM
Vancouver Public Library, Central Branch

Once again we’ll be hosting poets, artists, exhibitors and more at the Vancouver Public Library. This exciting, jam-packed day is a celebration of the many talents in our Muslim community. This year we focus on building relationships with Indigenous communities through our shared art and cultural practices.

Dr. Ahmed a-Rawi (SFU): Russian Trolls and the Representation of Islam on Social Media.

7 November 2019

The presentation provides an empirical understanding of the way Russian trolls used the issue of Islam on social media before and after the 2016 US elections. Three main datasets taken from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are analyzed, and the results indicate that Russian trolls frequently used Islam to microtarget a variety of audiences as the messages varied depending on the receivers’ backgrounds. Despite the constant message variations, Russian trolls mostly connected Muslims and Islam to the Democrats, liberals, and social movements like Black Lives Matter. On the other hand, when conservative and Republican users are targeted, Islam is often treated highly negatively; however, when American Muslims are targeted, Islam is always framed in a positive way. The study is situated within the broader discussion of microtargeting and disinformation and introduces the theoretical concept of microtargeted disinformation that has become an easily accessible political strategy due to the marketing features readily afforded by social media platforms.

Fellowship Closing Celebration

End November 2019

This dinner celebrates the first cohort of the CCMS Muslim Community Fellowship. Meet the Fellows and other local community leaders who are working to serve the diverse communities they work in. You’ll hear from the Fellows about their experience with this Fellowship, holding space for difference and unpacking the broader community dynamics that show up in our shared spaces. Read the Fellows bios below and keep an eye out for more of the event details to follow.

CCMS Annual Lecture Series 2019-2020

September 2019 through Spring 2020
Various locations

Every year, the Centre organizes an Annual Lecture Series, in which prominent scholars researching areas pertinent to Muslim peoples and cultures present their current research in a free lecture, open to the wider public. Our Annual Lecture Series is very popular, and registration in advance is highly recommended as seats fill up. Through this lecture series, the Centre continues to fulfill its mission to facilitate public understanding of developments within the Muslim world, and to encourage the academic study of Muslim societies and cultures.

Being Muslim at SFU

SFU Burnaby

Join us for a public dialogue on what it is like being Muslim at SFU. Whether you’re a part of the student, staff, faculty or alumni community we invite you to come together and share your experiences and build relationships with others who hold a Muslim identity at SFU.