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ISMC Summer Programme - Gender in Muslim Contexts

July 6-14 2020
Venice International University

In this exciting summer program, develop your knowledge of how gender identities and relations play a central role in shaping the social and cultural dynamics of Muslim contexts and how Muslims and Islam are perceived and represented in public discourses in the West. 

CCMS Annual Lecture Series 2019-2020

September 2019 through Spring 2020
Various locations

Every year, the Centre organizes an Annual Lecture Series, in which prominent scholars researching areas pertinent to Muslim peoples and cultures present their current research in a free lecture, open to the wider public. Our Annual Lecture Series is very popular, and registration in advance is highly recommended as seats fill up. Through this lecture series, the Centre continues to fulfill its mission to facilitate public understanding of developments within the Muslim world, and to encourage the academic study of Muslim societies and cultures.