CCMS Funding

The CCMS is proud to support faculty and students who endeavour to organize Centre-related activities, research, and events. We hope this will facilitate research collaboration and networking to help build a community of scholars across campus.

Visit our past events page and CCMS funded research page to see events and projects we have funded in the past.

Evaluation criteria (Applicable to Small and Major grants)

For Events:

  • alignment with the CCMS mission
  • potential for high impact, measured by audience and engagement
  • involvement with local or SFU community
  • cost sharing with departments or other funding sources
  • sensibility of budget
  • CCMS supported events should be open to the public for free

For Research and Projects:

  • alignment with CCMS mission
  • merit based (similar criteria to SSHRC)
  • promise of high-impact scholarly publications, or high-impact resource for others to use
  • applicants must provide evidence of cost sharing or application to other funding sources (e.g., SSHRC Insight, Connection, or Partnership grants, etc.)
  • CCMS members with multiple, previously-funded projects will have lower priority

Small Grants

The CCMS offers small grants of up to $2,000, which are ideal for organizing small events or smaller research projects. Along with funding, we can provide logistical support, such as assisting with expense claims. Given adequate lead time, we can coordinate events by booking rooms, preparing publicity, and announcing the event to our networks.

Application Details

Proposals for small grants are offered on a rolling basis. These can be sent to ccms@sfu.caWe aim to make funding decisions within two weeks.

Major Grants

Large awards of up to $7,000 are offered in two annual competitions, one in February and one in October. Like the small grants, we can also offer logistical support for events.

Application Details

Please email your complete application to If an acknowledgment email is not received within 5 business days, contact

Download application form