Muslim and Indigenous Sacred Spaces

October 26, 2020

Join us for a conversation between Rizwan Mawani and Jabala August-Sjodin who will talk about sacred spaces from Muslim and Indigenous persp

About this event

Rizwan Mawani, author of "Beyond the Mosque: Diverse Spaces of Muslim Worship", will be in conversation with Jabala August-Sjodin, Princess & Traditional Medicine woman, of Secwepemculecw territory, Matriarch of the Secwepemc Woman's Sacred Fire Council.

Recognizing the diversity of both Muslim and Indigenous cultures, this conversation will lay the foundations for a rich area of interest in the future. Through personal journeys and experiences with space, the sacred, ritual and more Rizwan and Jabala will unpack some similarities, differences in spatial-spiritual worldviews.

Gender, class and more shape the ways we access and view sacred space. The impacts of power and colonialism have long played a role in shaping what becomes sacred. Current movements for land defence draw on sacred notions of land in efforts to preserve and protect spaces for future generations. Given the rise in online platforms they will also offer some thoughts on the future of sacred spaces, and what these would be like to curate online, and across geographies.