Muslim Urbanists Digital Iftar

April 24, 2021

This dialogue on Muslim Urbanism invites attendees to explore how Muslims make cities and how Muslims are in turn made by them

About this event

Hosted by SFU’s Centre for Comparative Muslim Studies, this event seeks to foster dialogue on Muslim Urbanism from an inclusive and inter-disciplinary perspective to better understand how Muslim cities are constructed both in a literal sense and in the minds of their inhabitants.

Registered attendees are advised to arrive a few minutes early to the event to set-up an account and/or log into this event's virtual forum Kumospace. For a how-to on setting up Kumospace, Kumospace has produced a short video guide as to engagement within this virtual forum.

This dialogue is part of the Digital Iftars project that aims to create opportunities for social connection during a physically distant Ramadan and hopes to build on previous events around Muslim Urbanism held in Johannesburg and virtually from Vancouver.