The Art of Belonging Event Recap

May 26, 2024

Nov 19 2019 - The CCMS and Ismaili Centre hosted their final Ismaili Conversations session of the year, titled Citizenship, Religion, and Identity. Guest speaker Diana Freundl (Interim Chief Curator and Associate Director, Vancouver Art Gallery) emphasized why art matters to how we belong, and lead discussion centred around how artwork can make individuals and communities realize a sense of belonging. Freundl guided the audience through an educational understanding of the different perceptions of art and the imaginaries of belonging that art can help concretely define for different communities. Following a conversation on the fostering of belonging through an accessible art environment for the public, Freundl enthusiastically participated in the discussion. Interesting topics being raised included the extent of how technological advances change society's perception and appreciation for art, and how demographics may influence a different understanding of art.

Diana Freundl and Dr. Amyn B. Sajoo, SFU CCMS Scholar-in-Residence
Dr. Azadeh Yamini-Hamedani, SFU World Literature