Template Gallery

What is a template?

In AEM, a template is a pre-styled container for your unique web content. Each SFU-branded template contains a number of default elements — a header, a navigation bar, and a footer. Some templates may have additional features like a third column or no navigation bar. There are also templates available for speciality content pages like news pages and blog pages.

Home page templates

Every site starts with a home page. The home page template is similar to the Basic Page and has the option of an additional third column. Use AEM's Column component to divide the page into sections.

The Public Affairs and Media Relations site uses the Three Column home page template.


Content page templates

Content pages (sometimes referred to as "child" pages) comprise the bulk of your site. These templates are flexible enough to house a variety of content. Start with a basic template and use the Column component to further sub-divide the page, or use a more complex template with pre-defined content areas.

A content page with a navigation bar in the left column and a large content area on the right.

A content page with a navigation bar in the left column, a large content area in the middle, and a narrower content area on the right.

Every Basic Page can be easily converted to a Three Column Page by selecting "Third Column" in the Page Properties.

A content page with no navigation bar.

Based on the Three Column Page template, the News Page is pre-populated with components that are appropriate for a news story: title, tag, date, image, text, and comments.

The Blog Page template is a simplified version of the News Page. Use this template if you want to create a basic blog post.