Troubleshooting Tips

General Page Editing/Publishing

My published page looks different from what appears on (e.g. images not displaying on published page)

Ensure that all content (pages as well as digital assets) have been activated (the symbols in the publish column of the WCM will be green for activated pages).

The Editing Window is frozen or has unexpected behaviour.

Try refreshing the browser window/tab. If the issue persists, close the Editing Window and re-launch it from the WCM.

My page is stuck in preview/edit mode and it won't switch when I click on the other mode.

Try refreshing the browser; sometimes certain edits need the page reloaded before you can continue working on the page, or to view it realistically in preview mode.

I can't see the image I uploaded in the Digital Asset Manager or Content Finder.

If you uploaded it directly to the page, you will not be able to find the image in the DAM. Re-upload your image directly to a folder in the DAM. When searching for it in the content finder, ensure that you are using the whole name, starting from the beginning, not just a part of the name (AEM does not search for partial names).

The Sidekick collapsed and I can't see the components anymore. How do maximize it?

If the Sidekick collapsed with the bottom corner buttons still visible, then put the mouse on the lower-right hand corner of the Sidekick and drag it to its expanded size. If the Sidekick has collapsed itself without the bottom corner buttons leaving just the title bar, click on the little arrow in the title bar to drop it down.

A minimized or collapsed sidekick can be expanded as shown above, to full size, as shown at right.

When the Sidekick is only showing icons, drag the bottom right corner to expand it.

A page I've placed under restricted page viewing is not viewable to the members of the maillist I specified, what's wrong?

First, ensure the page is activated properly. AEM needs 10 minutes to create the authentication groups in publisher. If you have not already, ensure that you have waited 10 minutes between inputting the maillist name, and activating the page.

If that fails to make the page available to the group specified, ensure you are using the correct name of the maillist and that it exists (ie. all-employees is a valid maillist; faculty is not).

A page in my site needs a different name (URL), how do I change it?

On the Page tab of the Sidekick, and in the menu bar of the WCM, there is a button labeled "Move..." that allows you to change the page name.

The reason this option is under "Move..." and not Page Properties (where page titles can be changed) is because the page name refers to the URL, or location. When changing the name of a page, you are not changing a property of the page, but rather you are moving it.

My navigation looks fine on the home page, but when I go to a child page, the rest of the navigation disappears.

You need to specify the home page of your site using a Site Configuration page.

My images look blurry and pixelated in the new templates. What can I do to improve their appearance?

The best way to solve this is to replace your images with higher-resolution versions. For an image that is intended to take up the entire width of the centre column, we suggest a width of 1570px. Images in the third column can be narrower.

If you are unable to find higher-resolution originals, or if the image appears to large on the page, consider adjusting the layout of your page — using the Column component, or Text & Image component, for instance.

You also have the option of using a CSS class on the Image component to render it at 66%, 50%, or 33% of the container width. See our Image component documentation for more details.

Why doesn't the search bar return any results?

SFU's search engine is powered by an internally-hosted Google custom search engine. Pages need to be published on a live server in order to be indexed. Once your site is launched, Google requires up to a week to index the site. Once the indexing is complete, the search page will display your site-specific results.


I tried to put a Column component inside another Column component but it didn't work.

AEM cannot display columns inside columns. If a Column component is nested within a Column component, the page layout may become unstable. If this happens, delete the extra column component. You may need to close and re-launch the Editing Window as well.

My referenced text isn't showing up on the published site.

When using the Reference Component to reference text (or images, etc.) on another page, ensure that both the source page for the referenced text and the page containing the Reference Component are activated before publishing your pages.

Learn more about using the Reference Component.

I'm not receiving any form submissions from the Form Container component.

If the Form Container component is configured with the Mail To option, and you're not receiving any form submissions, check:

  • all email addresses are valid in the Mail To properties
  • there are no blank email fields

Any invalid emails in the Mail To properties will prevent the form data from being emailed. This includes blank email fields, like the ones in the image below.

If you are using the Mailto and Store option, the form requires at least one submission before the CSV file will be available for download.

Can I control both where and whether or not a component appears on a mobile device?

Yes, you can control both the order and visibility of components on both desktop and mobile devices — see Organizing Content on Different Screens.