Basic Authoring

How does AEM work?

AEM is an online content management system. This means that authors do not need to install special software in order to use AEM, only a web browser.

Chrome, Firefox, IE9+ and Safari are all supported browsers for using AEM.

In AEM, authors create, modify and delete content on an authoring environment ( ). Basic authoring activities in AEM such as adding text, images, and basic layouts, do not require the knowledge of HTML.

Changes to content in AEM are not made visible to the public until authors activate the amended pages (i.e., publish the content). Authors can also deactivate (i.e., un-publish) content if necessary.

Please refer to the walkthroughs listed on the right for a tour of basic AEM authoring.

Is your department ready to move to AEM?

See the Start a AEM Project page for information on how to request AEM webspace and access for your department.