Creating a Blog Post Page

What is the Blog Post template?

This is a special template that allows you to create a blog post page containing the following elements:

  • Share & Print buttons
  • Headline (title of blog post)
  • Date of post
  • Body content of post
  • Teaser text
  • Thumbnail image

Sample Blog Post

Pictures below show example webpages made using the SFU Blog Post template.

Sample Blog Post in CLF2
Sample Blog Post in CLF4

Creating a Blog Post

This section includes instructions for Creating a Blog Post. The next section covers Setting the Page Properties.

1. Navigate to the Blog section of your AEM site: In the WCM, expand your AEM site by clicking on the [+] icon. Locate your site's Blog page and select it by clicking on it in the left pane.

2. Create the page: With the Blog page selected in the left pane, choose New... in the right pane to create a new page.

Title the page: Enter the title of the new blog post in the Title field.

Name the page: Enter a url in the Name field – it can match the Title. Separate words with hyphens (-) eg: osx-lion-shortcut-keys. Note that Google likes descriptive page names so use keywords that reflect the blog post.

Select the "Blog Page (new CLF)" template from the list of available templates.

Click Create once you have finished.  The blog post will now appear in the WCM.

Displaying a list of blog posts

See Blog and News Display Options for examples. These displays often use the Teaser, Thumbnail, and Image feature of the Blog Post Page Properties. Use the List Component to display a collection of blog posts.