Applications for Fall 2024 has now closed. Applications for Fall 2025 will open in October.

The School of Computing Science offers a full-time master's program in professional computer science allowing students to take courses in areas like data science, data engineering, computer vision, computer graphics, deep learning, computer security, software security and more. This cohort-based program trains computational specialists who can construct models, develop algorithms, and write software using state-of-the-art graduate-level knowledge and techniques. The program has been running since 2014 and has created tremendous value for its graduates.

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Taking your interests and career goals into account, your program coordinator will advise  which courses are right for you. Depending on your course selection, you may learn about the following topics:

  • large-scale data processing
  • Apache Hadoop ecosystem
  • data warehousing and data lakes
  • cloud and distributed systems
  • machine learning and statistical analysis
  • SQL and NoSQL databases
  • data visualization and communication skills 
  • natural language processing 
  • large graph analysis 
  • information security and privacy
  • penetration testing and ethical hacking
  • system, network and cloud security
  • intrusion detection and prevention
  • cyber situational awareness
  • cyber risk assessment and mitigation
  • cryptographic protocols
  • secure software design
  • blockchain technology
  • SLAM systems
  • image and geometry processing 
  • computer vision
  • visualization systems and tools
  • robotics
  • AR/VR
  • computational photography
  • HCI and interactive systems
  • video games
  • medical image processing


Depending on your course selection, here are some of the roles you could pursue:

  • data scientist
  • data engineer 
  • big data developer
  • machine learning engineer
  • data solutions architect
  • chief data officer
  • chief information security officer
  • cybersecurity engineer
  • cybersecurity analyst
  • vulnerability analyst
  • network architect 
  • game developer
  • AR/VR application developer
  • computer vision engineer
  • deep learning engineer
  • rendering software engineer


SFU is Canada's top comprehensive university according to Maclean’s magazine. The university has ranked number one for 12 of the past 13 years.

The School of Computing Science is home to 68 top-notch researchers and instructors in computer vision, computer graphics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, database systems, data mining and more. Learn more about our faculty's research excellence and reputation.

SFU's Burnaby campus is located in cosmopolitan Metro-Vancouver, an area known globally for its high quality of life.