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Tips for Contacting the Computing Science Helpdesk

  • Check our FAQs and support information here first, and please ensure you follow the guidelines on our best practices page.
  • When contacting the helpdesk, please send the email from your SFU account so it does not end up being discarded.  
  • Only email the helpdesk for CMPT related technical issues, NOT for questions about coursework or assignments.
Include the following information in your email to the helpdesk:
User Name: 
Account Name: 
Student Number: 
Access Card/Fob Number (if applicable):
*Course Numbers (current CMPT courses):
Platform, eg: Mac, Windows or Linux: 
Computer Name:
Campus & Room Number:
Application (if applicable):
Description of the Issue:
Error Message (if any):
Previous Tickent Number (if related):
*If you are a TRU student, please note this in your email.
If you are requesting assistance from a certain individual, please name them in the body of your email. 

To stop web crawlers, we are not providing you with the option to copy and paste the helpdesk email address.  Please re-type the address when composing your email.  

What Happens When I Contact the Helpdesk?

We use the Request Tracker (RT) System to manage inquirires to the helpdesk. The system is regularily monitored by members of the CMPT technical support team.  We strive to respond to your ticket within one hour during our regular business hours. 

You will recieve an automated response to your email.  If you'd like to update your request, reply to this email with the same subject line (if you don't include the same subject line in future email, new tickets will be created that won't be associated with your original email/ticket).


No Response from the Helpdesk - What Now?

If you don't receive a response within a reasonable amount of time, you can reply to the automated response you received. This sends a reminder to the technical support team. 

If you feel your inquiry did not receive proper attention, please contact one of our department managers.


I Work in a CMPT Research Lab - Will the Helpdesk Assist Me?

Yes, absolutely!!

When you send an email to the helpdesk, be sure to add your research lab's acronym to the subject line.  

eg: Subject: CMPT-AAA: Need New Software

The RT System will assign the ticket to the appropriate technical personnel without delay.  

To assist you, we've put together a list of acronyms here: 


Research Labs - Burnaby Campus
Acronym AKA Official Name Room #s Directors Remarks
CMPT-DSL   Database Systems Lab TASC1 9217 Dr. Jiannan Wang  
CMPT-ACO cs-theory Algorithms, Complexity, and Optimization Group TASC1 9001 Dr. Bhattacharya, Dr. Bulatov, Dr. Kabanets, Dr. Krishnamurti, Dr. Shermer Theory Lab
CMPT-Auto cs-autolab Autonomy Lab TASC1 7000 Dr. Vaughan  
CMPT-COMPBIO cs-compbio Computational Biology Lab TASC1 9003 Dr. Sahinalp  
CMPT-CLL cs-cl Computational Logic Lab TASC1 9000 Dr. Delgrande, Dr. Mitchell, Dr. Ternovskam, Dr. Schulte  
  Cloud Computing Lab TASC1 9004 Dr. Liu  
CMPT-CVL cs-colour Computational Vision Lab TASC1 8005 Dr. Funt  
CMPT-DBL cs-dblab Database and Datamining Lab TASC1 9006,
Dr. Ester, Dr. Wang  
CMPT-DEAL cs-deal Data Engineering and Analytics Lab TASC1 9406, TASC1 9431
Dr. Pei  
CMPT-LFPL   Logic and Functional Programming Lab TASC1 9404    
CMPT-MICA   Medical Image Computing and Analysis     inlcudes MIAL and MCL
CMPT-MIAL cs-mial Medical Image Analysis Lab TASC1 9400 Dr. Hamarneh
CMPT-MCL   Medical Computing Lab   Dr. Atkins  
CMPT-NLL cs-natlang Natural Language Lab TASC1 9404 Dr. Popowich, Dr. Sarkar
CMPT-NML cs-nml Network Modeling Lab TASC1 9002 Dr Gu, Dr. Liu, Dr Peters
aka. Network Modeling Group
CMPT-STL cs-stl Software Technology Lab TASC1 9200 Dr. Glässer aka Software Engineering Lab
CMPT-SYNAR cs-systems Systems Networking and Architecture Research TASC1 8208, TASC1 8210
Dr. Shriraman, Dr. Sumner
aka Systems Lab
CMPT-Vivarium   a group of CMPT-ENSC joint labs     includes GrUVi, MIAL, SCIRF, VML
CMPT-GrUVi cs-gruvi Graphics, Usability, and Visualization Lab TASC1 8002 TASC1 8004 Dr. Kirkpatrick, Dr. Tan, Dr. Zhang
CMPT-SCIRF     TASC1 8002    
CMPT-VML cs-vml Vision & Media Lab TASC1 8000 Dr. Drew, Dr. Li, Dr. Mori  
CMPT-RandAlg cs-randalg Randomized Algorithms Lab   Dr. Berenbrink, Dr. Ergun  
Research Labs - Surrey Campus
Acronyms AKA Official Name Room #s Directors Remarks
CMPT-GOL   Grad Open Lab SUR 4112    
CMPT -BIO   Bioinformatics Lab SUR 4190 Dr. Wiese  
CMPT-Health-Tech   Digital Health Hub SUR 4190 Dr. Wiese, Dr. D'Arcy  
CMPT-OSL   Open Source Lab SUR 4120 Dr. Cameron  


Should I Contact Other Tech Support Groups?

If you know certain issues should be taken care by another party e.g. RCG (Research Computing Group), please indicate this in your message, and we will contact them on your behalf.  Please do not contact them directly. 


Please see the guidelines on our best practices page, for helpful tips in contacting the Helpdesk. 

Last updated @ 2016.07.08