SFU Athletics & Co-op

Every year, thousands of students graduate from SFU and enter into the job market. When YOU graduate, how will you stand out from the crowd?

Enrich your SFU education by combining your student-athlete experience with Co-op. Complete three co-op work terms and receive a Co-op Degree Designation upon graduation. In doing so, you will gain practical paid work experience and develop employer contacts that can lead to a career after graduation.

FAQs Below

Varsity Co-op Alumna - Taylor Gillis

Taylor Gillis graduated in the Spring of 2020 with a unique set of experiences.

Not only was she an SFU Athlete, playing for the SFU softball team for 4 years, but she also finished three Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology (BPK) Co-op work terms. She did her first and second work terms at Kintec and finished her last work term at ProMedicals. After graduating, she now works full-time for Kintec.

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Varsity Students Testimonials

"My Co-op experiences have opened the door to the industry that I am interested in with hands-on experience, and a network of contacts who are already well established in the field."

Lauren Fridman

"Co-op is a great way to gain some practical work experience with the support of the Co-op staff."

Miguel Hof

"Through Co-op, I was able to unleash my repertoire of knowledge, skills and characteristics developed over my time as a student-athlete and thrive in the work place."

Olivia Aguiar

Varsity Students FAQs

Are all co-op work terms paid?

Yes, it is a national co-op accreditation requirement that all co-op work terms are paid.

Can I still receive my athletic financial aid while enrolled in a Co-op work term?

No, you are unable to receive athletic financial aid while enrolled in a co-op work term because you are earning money.

Am I still able to participate in countable athletically related activity (practice) with my team while enrolled in a Co-op work term?

Yes, you are still able to train with your team however; you would need to discuss your schedule with your Head Coach. As long as you are enrolled in a Co-op practicum course you are considered a full time student and as such are eligible to participate in practice activities.

Am I still eligible for competition while enrolled in a Co-op work term?

Yes, you are still eligible to compete while enrolled in a Co-op work term but always check in with the Athletics Compliance Office regarding your eligibility prior to:

  • the start of the season
  • applying to Co-op
  • your Co-op “seeking” semester

Can I take the semester off from training and competition in my sport while enrolled in a Co-op work term?

This is something that you would need to discuss with your coach. It will still count as a semester used towards your maximum of 10 semesters to complete your eligibility. Please see 10-semester rule here.

Where can I find more information about Co-op?

Learn more details here.

When should I apply to co-op?

It is best to apply to co-op early, ideally after your first year of study at SFU.

Is it too late to apply to co-op?

Do not count yourself out. It may not be too late to participate in co-op. Please talk with a co-op staff member in your home program or faculty. Be sure to identify yourself as a varsity athlete.