Co-op Costs and Deadlines

Fees and tuition

Costs Canadian
Co-op Application Fee (only paid once when registering for Co-op) $149.40 $419.98
Co-op Practicum Tuition (paid per work term) $878.31 $878.31

Learn more details for Co-op Practicum Tuition: Undergraduate Students or Graduate Students.

Co-op Application Fee

As part of enrollment into the SFU Co-operative Education program, every student who applies must pay the application fee when they first join. 

Your application form will be processed within ten business days. Once processed, the Co-op application fee will be posted to your goSFU Account.  

Co-op Practicum Tuition

You are responsible for paying the practicum tuition only when you have secured a work term. This tuition must be paid every term you are working in a co-op position.

Application deadlines to join co-op

You should apply to the Co-op Program atleast two terms in advance of when you plan to work your first work term. This gives you enough time to complete the preparation requirements and job search.

Program Deadlines by Term

Co-op Program To work in Spring, apply by: To work in Summer,
apply by:
To work in Fall, apply by:
Arts & Social Sciences June 1st Graduate students: September 21st
Undergraduate students: October 1st
February 1st
Beedie School of Business Cohort 1:
May 5th
Cohort 2:
June 23rd
Cohort 1:
September 3rd
Cohort 2:
October 22nd
Cohort 1:
Cohort 2:
Biomedical Physiology & Kinesiology June 5th October 5th February 5th
Communication Co-op June 1st October 1st February 1st
Computing Science No deadline No deadline No deadline
Environment June 5th October 5th February 5th
Health Sciences June 5th October 5th February 5th
School of Interactive Arts & Technology No deadline No deadline No deadline
Science June 5th October 5th February 5th
Software Systems June 15th October 15th February 15th


Students pursuing degrees in the following areas do not need to apply to the co-op program, since they are automatically enrolled:

  • Engineering Science
  • Mechatronics Systems Engineering
  • Sustainable Energy Engineering
  • Master's in Professional Computer Science
  • Master of Public Policy

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