Want to build your resume and get paid while you complete your degree? You can. Business Co-op is an optional program that gives you the opportunity to work with employers in all sectors - private, public to NGO. You can be working in a small private company or large government organization, getting an accounting designation or making a splash in marketing. Perhaps your path includes obtaining your CHRP, CPA or MBA. It could be that securities, derivatives, mergers and acquisitions are your calling. Co-op students compete for real job offers and work full time for 4 or 8 months at a time. Your professional life begins here.


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Co-op Student Stage

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Prospective Students

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New Students

Newly accepted into co-op?
Find information about orientation, workshops, and deadlines here.

Seeking Students

Currently looking for a co-op? Find information on the Seeking Survey and required Seeking documents here.

Working Students

Currently on a work term?
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Co-op Work Term Tuition and Earnings

Average Earnings

$18.90 per hour

$12,600 per work term


4 months (1 semester)

Practicum Tuition (Per Work Term)

$811.43 (Domestic students) 

$843.56 (International students)

Application Fee and Practicum Tuition

There is a one-time Co-op application fee. You must pay tuition for each Co-op Work Term.

What do you get for your application fee and practicum tuition?