Want to broaden your career options and sharpen your skills as a critical thinker, writer, speaker, researcher, communicator and leader?  Arts and Social Sciences Co-op is where you get paid to build talent and expertise.

Employers from across Canada and abroad hire Arts Co-op students who read between the lines, think independently, draw conclusions and communicate effectively. Build your resume and get paid while you do your degree.

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June 5th, 2019                             Spring 2020                                        
October 2nd, 2019
Summer 2020
February 5th, 2020 Fall 2020
Summer 2020
Apply by Work in
June 5th, 2019             Spring 2020                                   


Drop-In Hours:

You may drop in with questions about applying to Co-op on:

  •  Tuesdays  1:30–3:30, AQ 3025 (Victoria Cottell) & AQ 3023 (Luisa Hallam).

Accessed from the main entrance to our office at AQ 3020, across from Images Theatre.

If you cannot make it during these dates/times please e-mail artscoop@sfu.ca to request an appointment. In your e-mail please give a couple of dates/times when you would like an appointment. We will check our schedule and reply to you with an appointment date/time.

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Please note you pay tuition ONLY when you have secured a work term. You must pay the tuition for EVERY semester which you are working.

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