Complete the application steps to join the Co-op Program.

Before you apply

Steps to apply

  1. Go to myExperience to start your application
  2. Sign in as a student using your SFU ID
  3. Click Exp. Learning (Co-op) in the left navigation bar
  4. Click Apply to a Program near the upper right corner
  5. After the "Additional Programs" menu appears on the right side,
    click Apply under the Co-op Program that corresponds with your faculty program
  6. Complete the online application form and agreement, click Submit

After you apply

Staff will contact you within ten business days to advise you of your Conditional Approval to the Program. Additional faculty-specific steps may be required in order to be fully accepted.
Once processed, the Co-op application fee will be posted to your goSFU Account

Curious about what happens next?

Review the roadmap for an overview on what to expect.