Get Support

Your health and well-being is important, and you don't have to struggle alone. Health & Counselling has many services and professionals to support you during your time as a student. See our list of options below, or connect with our clinic to get started.

Talk to someone now

It's okay to feel overwhelmed. If you need mental health support now, you have options. Call 778-782-4615 during operating hours to speak with the front desk for an available service provider, or call My SSP. Learn more

Counselling Services

SFU students can connect with a registered clinical counsellor and find ways to feel supported. Read more about counselling, what to expect, and how to book an appointment. Learn more

See a doctor or nurse

Doctors and nurses can provide a number of resources and information related to depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, and physical symptoms impacting your success. Booking info

Use My SSP

SFU students can book an appointment with a counsellor close to home, and access articles and videos relevant to student life. You can also call the 24/7 crisis line and connect through the app. Learn more

Join a group or workshop

Many concerns are best resolved with the support of a community or group. View our list of group counselling options or attend a workshop to learn something new. Learn more

Seek Identity-Based & Community Support

Race & ethnicity; gender, gender expression and sexual orientation; disability & neurodiversity, religion/spirituality and more. Find identity-based support options for students seeking safety and community. view now

Support someone else

Are you concerned about a friend or a student? Contact the Office of Student Support & Responsibilities who works closely with Health & Counselling. Faculty and Staff can also find specific resources and information here. More

Explore On & Off Campus Options

Here's a glimpse of on-campus and off-campus support resources available to assist you throughout your journey as a student. See now