PhD Theses

Abramson, Alana Marie

Transformative Possibilities: A Journey Through Tertiary Restorative Justice Education (2016).

  • Keywords: Restorative justice; Restorative justice education; Transformative justice; Transformative learning; Tertiary education; Praxis


M.A. Theses

Abramson, Alana Marie

Bridging the Gap: Exploring the Role of Community in Restorative Justice (2005).


Arvanitidis, Tania

From Revenge to Restoration: Evaluating General Deterrence as a Primary Sentencing Purpose for Rioters in Vancouver, British Columbia (2013)

  • Keywords: Restorative justice; riots; deterrence; sentencing; content analysis; cost-benefit analysis


Asadullah, Muhammad (“Asad”)

Exploring the Idea of ‘Values’ for a Reconciliation Process of Bangladesh’s Liberation War: A Restorative Justice and Peacemaking Criminology Perspective (2014).

  • Keywords: Bangladesh; 1971 Independence War; Transitional Settings; Process Values; Restorative Justice; Peacemaking Criminology


Borutski, Rose Marie

Anger and Shame: 'Red Flags' Signalling the Struggle for Identity and the Denial of Recognition (2000)

  • Hard copy available within the Centre for Restorative Justice


Campbell, Allison

Punishment Through Exclusion: Ruling Relations and Maximum Security in the Creating Choices Era (2004).


Chauhan, Randeep Singh

"...and He Shall Rule Over Thee" the Malleus Maleficarum and the Politics of Misogyny, Medecine, and Midwifery (1484-Present): A Feminist Historical Inquiry (2005)


Condello, Lara-Lisa

Penal Abolition: Anthem for a More Tolerant Tomorrow (2003).


Fenwick, Mark

The Mouse Race Before the Rat Race: Corporate Crime and Student Ethics (2004)


Godderis, Rebecca

Something to Chew On: An Examination of the Prison Food Experience (2002)

  • Hard copy available within the Centre for Restorative Justice


Jenkins, Tamera Dawn

Forgiveness as a Healing Agent in Cases of Traumatic Violence (2012).

  • Keywords: Violence, Trauma, Forgiveness, Healing, Restorative justice.


MacMillan, Scott Norman

Descriptive Analysis of the Portrayal of Restorative Justice in the B.C. Newsprint Media (2007).


Mumford, Sherry Anne

Double Down ⁠— It's All in the Cards: Pre-Offence, Offense, and Post-Release Use of Alcohol and Other Drugs by Homicide Offenders (2001)

  • Hard copy available within the Centre for Restorative Justice


Ouellette, Melissa

Who Owns Restorative Justice? Exploratory Interviews with Restorative Justice Practitioners (2004).


Petrich, Damon Myles

Narrating Stories of Desistance: Pathways to and From Criminality in the Lives of Prolific Male Offenders (2017).

  • Keywords: Desistance; Human agency; Offender rehabilitation; Prisoner reentry; Narrative identity; Psychological needs.


Reid, Tamara

A Poor Excuse? An Examination of How the PTSD Defence Plays Out in the Canadian Press (2010)

  • Hard copy available within the Centre for Restorative Justice


Ristic, Danijel

Victims' Access and Compensation Before International Criminal Courts (2005).


Roberts, Melissa Leanne

Evaluating Evaluation: An Investigation Into the Purpose and Practice of Evaluation in Restorative Justice Based Programs (2010).

  • Keywords: Restorative justice; Program evaluation; Measures of success and effectiveness; Restorative outcomes; Restorative processes


Rowley, Allison

"Bringing the Outside World In": Canadian Prisoners' Correspondence With Claire Culhane, Activist and Penal Abolitionist, 1976-1996 (2005).


Solinas, Jennifer

Harmonizing Restorative Justice Values, Programmes, and Whole School Culture (2007)

  • Keywords: Restorative justice, schools, policy, practice, culture shift, democracy.


Victor, Wenona

"Searching for the Bone Needle": The Stó:lō Nation's Continuing Quest for Justice (2001).

  • Hard copy available within the Centre for Restorative Justice


Zhong, Minhua Titi

Using Circles of Support and Accountability in China: Prospects and Problems (2010)

  • Keywords: Restorative justice, sex offender, China


M.A. Projects

Anderson, Tracy

Mass-Producing the "Walking Wounded": The Traumatization of the Many by the Death Penalty Process (2008).

  • Keywords: Capital punishment; Capital punishment – United States; Death row inmates – United States; Prisoners’ families – United States; Trauma; Psychic trauma; Trauma; Death penalty; Family of victim; Family of offender; Death row inmates; Effects of capital punishment


Bryant, Christine

Restorative Justice in British Columbia's Youth Probation Service (2011).

  • Keywords: Restorative Justice; Youth Probation; Youth Justice; Ministry of Children and Family Development


Funk, Michelle Joy

Comparative Justice Reform: What Are the Lessons for British Columbia? (2012).

  • Keywords: Restorative justice, Praxis, Research and development, Justice reform, Community justice, Accountability and transparency


Wills, Victoria Helen

The Downtown Eastside Youth Activities Society (DEYAS): A Practicum Review Analysis of the Challenges Facing a Community Outreach Organization (2008).

  • Keywords: DEYAS; Youth Homelessness; Community Organizations; DEYAS; Youth Homelessness; Substance Abuse


B.A. Theses

NOTE: B.A. Theses are typically not made available for electronic download after defence; however, those listed below are available in hard copy within the Centre for Restorative Justice.


Agren, Pontus K. W.

Vancouver's Restorative Art (Restart) Anti-Graffiti Project: An Exploration and Evaluation of the Geeral and Specific Benefits and Challenges (2011).


Dosanjh, Justin

The Law Is Not Enough: Understanding the Overrepresentation of Aboriginals Since R. v. Gladue (2014).


Eastwood, Alex

Widening the Circle: An Exploration of the Challenges and Opportunities for Restorative Justice in British Columbia (2016).


Franz, Heidi Anne

Sex in Prison: Fear, Shame, and Silence (2001).


Ghag, Julie

Death in the Name of Justice: An Exploratory Analysis (2010).

  • Keywords: Justice; utilitarianism; general deterrence; specific deterrence; retribution; restorative justice; mitigating factors; aggravating factors.


Hamilton, Carmen

Released From Prison, Sentenced to Welfare: An Exploratory Analysis of the Barriers Women Face to Securing Employment Upon Release (2005).


Hawkes-Frost, Caitlin

Through a Restorative Lens: Exploring a Just Response to Domestic Violence in British Columbia (2009).

  • Keywords: Domestic violence; restorative justice; criminal justice system; justice; adversarial


Hickmore, Christy-Lea

Communities of Recovery: A Web of Connection and Healing (2012).

  • Keywords: Addiction; recovery; alcoholics anonymous; restorative justice; connection; vulnerability


Huth, Cathy

Opening a School Door: A Study of Former Prisoner-Students' Perceptions of the University Education Program in B.C. Prisons (2005).


Kumar, Amenda

Victims Sentenced to Silence: An Evaluation of the Victim Impact Statement (2006).


Lashar, Baljit

Restorative Justice and Police in Schools: Establishing Positive Relationships with Youth and Repairing Harm (2006).


Marshall, Ken

Circle Sentencing: Exploring the Dichotomy Between Restorative Justice and Retributive Sentencing Principles (2001).


Marczak, Magdalena

The Effects of Conditional Sentencing Provisions and B.C. Provincial Prison Closures on Committals to B.C. Federal Penitentiaries (2004).


Nanji, Aatif

Social Capital, Schools, and Restorative Justice (2007).


Petrich, Damon

Exploring the Impact of the Alternatives to Violence Project on Prisoner Rehabilitation and Reintegration (2014).

  • Keywords: Prisoner; rehabilitation; reintegration; desistance; AVP


Ruffell, Renata

The Influence of Restorative-Based Peer Mediation on Social Responsibility: Exploring the Development Potential in a Greater Vancouver Middle School (2011).

  • Keywords: Restorative justice; restorative action; schools; social rsponsibility; peer mediation; whole school approach.


Saidi, Rahma

Family Group Conferencing in British Columbia: A Glance at Current Policies and Practices (2009).

  • Keywords: Family Group Conferencing; British Columbia; New Zealand; children; policy; practice


Sharpe, Kurt Crawford

An Analysis of Two Public Safety Measures: Community Notification of Sex Offenders & the Sex Offender Registration of Information Act (2004).


Tang, Emma Louise

The Reintegration Factors of Women in Conflict with the Law (2003).


Van Helvoirt, Trent

The Youth Criminal Justice Act: Implementing Restorative Provisions (2003).


Whittington, Jane

Shame and Shaming in Restorative Practice (2012).