Graduate Course Offerings

SFU’s School of Criminology, the home of the Centre for Restorative Justice, offers graduate courses in the area of restorative justice at SFU's Burnaby campus. These courses are typically enrolled in in fulfilment of the Department's Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy graduate programs, respectively.

Please visit the School of Criminology for more information on graduate course enrolment within the department.

Restorative Justice

CRIM 814

A course on praxis: the marriage of practice and theory, and practice in the development and implementation of restorative (transformative) justice models. Topics include: the needs and experiences of victims, offenders, and communities (including the impact of individuals and intergenerational trauma); the role of the state in justice matters; a comparison of the foundational values, laws, philosophical approaches and outcomes of traditional justice models. An exploration of these models allowing the consideration of their potential for producing democratic justice within the state and community, particularly in the aftermath of crime and violent political aggression and weigh that potential against their potential peril and pitfalls.

Directed Readings

CRIM 870

Intensive readings under the supervision of a faculty member, in areas of interest related to the student's program.

President’s Dream Colloquium Fall 2016 on Returning to the Teachings

The Fall 2016 President’s Dream Colloquium lecture series, Returning to the Teachings: Justice, Identity, and Belonging, was a one-time speaker series and course, available to both undergraduate and graduate students. Its intention was to support and respond to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which highlighted the lasting legacies of historical and intergenerational trauma that emerged as a result of colonialism, the Indian Act and the Residential School System. Students were encouraged to engage in a range of pedagogies, that built on distinct epistemologies, to explore justice, identity and belonging in the context of Education for Reconciliation.  

This course is no longer available for registration at SFU, although archival information on the lecture series, including a list of guest speakers, is retained by SFU.