Undergraduate Course Offerings

SFU’s School of Criminology, the home of the Centre for Restorative Justice, offers undergraduate courses at all three university campuses: Burnaby, Surrey and Vancouver, via SFU NOW.

Please visit the School of Criminology for more information on course enrolment within the department.

Restorative Justice

CRIM 315

The course will contrast restorative justice with the dominant adversarial/retributive/punitive model of justice through a critical analysis of these two paradigms of justice. Several key principles, assumptions, and concepts necessary for understanding the foundation and practice of restorative justice will be introduced and explored. Prerequisite: 45 units. Breadth-Social Sciences.

Current Issues in Criminology and Criminal Justice

CRIM 416

A critical analysis of certain 'hot' issues in criminology and criminal justice. The topics covered change from term to term. Prerequisite: CRIM 101.

Restorative Justice Practice: Advanced Topics

CRIM 442

An in-depth examination of the various community-based and institutional practices in promoting restorative processes, based on an examination and comparison of the values, philosophical approaches and outcomes of selected western and non-western models. Practices examined will include a range of restorative justice initiatives, including victim-offender mediation, family-group conferencing, multi-party mediation, and various circle remedies. This examination will include the application of restorative justice in the community, in schools and at all levels of the legal process (pre-arrest to post-incarceration and reintegration). Prerequisite: CRIM 315. Recommended: CRIM 343.

President’s Dream Colloquium Fall 2016 on Returning to the Teachings

The Fall 2016 President’s Dream Colloquium lecture series, Returning to the Teachings: Justice, Identity, and Belonging, was a one-time speaker series and course, available to both undergraduate and graduate students. Its intention was to support and respond to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which highlighted the lasting legacies of historical and intergenerational trauma that emerged as a result of colonialism, the Indian Act and the Residential School System. Students were encouraged to engage in a range of pedagogies, that built on distinct epistemologies, to explore justice, identity and belonging in the context of Education for Reconciliation.  

This course is no longer available for registration at SFU, although archival information on the lecture series, including a list of guest speakers, is retained by SFU.