Peer-reviewed Publications
  • Groulx, M., Freeman, S., Gourlay, K., Hemingway, D., Rossnagel, E., Chaudhury, H., & Nouri, M. (2024). Monitoring and Evaluation of Dementia-Friendly Neighborhoods Using a Walkshed Approach: Protocol for a Scoping Review. JMIR Research Protocols, 13, e50548.
  • Seetharaman, K., Chaudhury, H., Hung, L., Phinney, A., Freeman, S., Groulx, M., Hemingway, D., Lanthier-Labonté, S., Randa, C., & Rossnagel, E. (2023). Protocol for A Mixed-Methods Study: Dementia-Inclusive Streets and Community Access, Participation, and Engagement (DemSCAPE). International Journal of Qualitative Methods, 22.

Conference Proceedings (Published Abstracts)

  • Chaudhury, H., Hung, L., Freeman, S., Groulx, M., Seetharaman, K., Wong, J., & Randa, C. (2023). THE ROLE OF THE NEIGHBORHOOD-BUILT ENVIRONMENT ON OUTDOOR MOBILITY OF PEOPLE LIVING WITH DEMENTIA. Innovation in Aging, 7(Supplement_1), 224–224.
  • Seetharaman, K., Chaudhury, H., Hung, L., Freeman, S., Groulx, M., & Randa, C. (2022). METHODOLOGICAL AND ETHICAL REFLECTIONS FROM RESEARCH ON NEIGHBOURHOOD-BUILT ENVIRONMENT AND DEMENTIA. Innovation in Aging, 6(Supplement_1), 222.
Accepted Publications
  • Lanthier-Labonté, S., Chaudhury, H., Wong, J., & Hung, L. (2024) Dementia-Friendly Transportations Services: A Scoping Review. The Gerontologist