Tonari Gumi Life Seminar: Dementia and Aging Research

Ito (2024)

Hiro Ito is a graduate student at the University of British Columbia (UBC) completing her MSc in Population and Public Health. With her supervisor, Dr. Susan Cox, Hiro is researching how Japanese Canadians can live well with dementia and included DemSCAPE as a resource for Tonari Gumi Japanese Community Volunteers Association in both English and Japanese

From Ideas to Impact: Opportunities for Community-Engaged Research in FASS

SFU CERi, Mitacs and SFU Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) (2023)

DemSCAPE team members Habib Chaudhury, Cari Randa-Beaulieu, and Abdul Zahir were invited to join an informal discussion exploring their community-engaged research expereinces.

Seniors in the City: isolation, food security, housing

Mondiwa (2023)

Habib Chaudhury, Professor and Chair of the Department of Gerontology at Simon Fraser University, sits down with CBC Read-Mercer fellow Hannah Mondiwa to talk about Age-freindly Communities.

Designing Dementia-Inclusive Neighbourhoods

Randa-Beaulieu, Chaudhury, & Avery (2023)

This blog is co-authored by Cari Randa-Beaulieu, MA candidate, SFU Department of Gerontology, and Habib Chaudhury, Professor, Department of Gerontology, and Emma Avery, Urban Planner & Communications Specialist with urban planning, design, and research consulting firm Happy Cities.

HOPE Dementia Support group unveils new trail map in Ridgefield

Rubino (2022)

The HOPE Dementia Support group has a series of trail maps for people with dementia and their families across Clark County. The organization recently created its third map of the Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge.

Decorative doors create sense of home for seniors at Tideview Terrace in Digby

Johnson (2022)

The Tideview Terrace Home for Special Care in Digby is looking more like home these days. Some True Doors – decorative door decals that look like the real thing – have been installed in the home with plans to install 72 more.

‘Minds in Motion’ offers fun physical and social activities for people living with dementia and their care partners

Abrahamse (2021)

Minds in Motion is a social and physical activity program for people living with early to mid-stage dementia and their care partners.

Rethinking the urban physical environment for century-long lives: from age-friendly to longevity-ready cities

Wang et al (2021)

Compared with strategies aimed largely at accommodating older populations, longevity-ready cities would aim to reduce the sources of disadvantages across the life course and simultaneously improve the well-being of older people.

How to interact with someone living with dementia (30 seconds)

Health Canadians

Do you know how best to talk to or support someone living with dementia?  This video highlights a real situation anyone could encounter while out in the community.  We can all help.  Be patient, listen and reassure.

“It Is Part of Belonging”: Walking Groups to Promote Social Health amongst People Living with Dementia

Robertson et al. (2020)

This article applies the framework of social health as a theoretical lens through which to consider how inclusive walking groups can facilitate access to places and spaces to support people with dementia to remain connected in their communities.

How urban design can help people with dementia navigate neighbourhoods and public spaces

CBC Radio (2019)

As waitlists for care facilities grow longer and more people with dementia are choosing to live within their own communities, urban planning and design will play an increasingly important role in helping them live safe, comfortable and independent lives

People with dementia attending farm-based day care in Norway – Individual and farm characteristics associated with participants’ quality of life

Ibsen et al. (2019)

The strong association between quality of life and spending time outdoors underscores that facilitation for outdoor activity should be prioritized in all types of dementia care.