Instructor Spotlight: Adrian Sinclair

May 08, 2020

Meet Adrian Sinclair, the Co-Founder and Director of Engagement for both Transformation Projects and The Vancouver Mural Festival and a Visiting Faculty with the SFU Semester in Dialogue. Through practical, on the ground experience, Adrian has become an expert in public engagement and fosters a passion for dynamic, creative and inclusive cities.

If you’re considering a Semester in Dialogue this fall, Arian will be another of three instructors you’ll be engaging and learning from every day. The Semester in Dialogue: Department of Living offers students the opportunity to explore how daily life and experience could be re-envisioned for residents in Vancouver. Using human-centred design and the practice of dialogue-archive, students will work together in teams to co-create innovative solutions to complex, urban issues. Applications are being accepted on a rolling basis, learn more on how to apply

Before you apply, get to know Adrian from our Q&A Instructor Spotlight

What about the fall semester are you most looking forward to?

Experimentation! Care! Empathy! Collaboration! Connection! #silverlinings

What is something you would like to say to a student who is contemplating enrolling in the Semester in Dialogue this fall?

If you get one thing out of this Fall Semester, I want it to be that your tank is re-filled, you are recharged, you feel balance and you are are connected with a new powerful community of thinkers and supporters. Also: Joy!

Name one small business you're most looking forward to returning to in-person?

The Charlatan Pub and Joes Cafe on Commercial Drive (I really really miss William, Joe and Tony!)

What’s one small business you’ve been reaching out to and supporting during the pandemic?

Last month I became a monthly donor to the Unistoten Camp to support sovereignty of the Wet’suwet’en people.

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