Canada's World Poll

In its preliminary research on Canadian attitudes towards international policy, Canada’s World conducted a national public opinion survey led by Environics, which included a representative sample of 2,001 Canadians from all regions — including the Northern territories.

Some key stories that emerged from the Canada’s World Poll include:

  • Canadians are proud of their country’s history of military bravery and sacrifice, but believe the country’s most important future contributions to world affairs will be in other ways.
  • Canadians are more likely to put their faith in non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and private citizens than in Canadian businesses or the federal government when thinking about how their country can make a positive difference on the international scene.
  • Canadians feel a strong sense of personal connection to the United States, but many disapprove of America’s recent activities on the international stage.
  • Canadians feel the world is a more dangerous place because of nuclear weapons, and overwhelmingly support a complete elimination of such weapons if this could be accomplished through an enforceable ban.
  • Foreign-born Canadians understandably maintain stronger connections to the world outside Canada, yet their opinions and perspectives about Canada and its role in the world are notably consistent with the national average.
  • Canada’s youth (those aged 15 to 24) are as connected to world events and individuals as older Canadians, but are also more idealistic in their view of Canada’s place in the world today, and what it could be.
  • While Canada is often a nation of regional division when it looks inward, Canadians are remarkably similar in their degree of “global connectivity” and views about their country’s place in the world when looking outwards.