Keynotes and Sponsored Sessions

Zandvliet, D.B. (2012, November). Green Teacher. Webinar, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Zandvliet, D.B. (2011, September). Engaging BC in Sustainability Education. Lead lecture in the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS) fall lecture series. Vancouver, BC.

Zandvliet, D.B. (2011, July). Learning Environments and Environmental Learning. Workshop for the 6th World Environmental Education Congress, attendees included teachers, faculty researchers and graduate students. Brisbane, Australia.

Zandvliet, D.B. (2009, July). Environmental Learning from the Salish to the Sulawesi Sea. Keynote presentation to the Northwest Aquatic and Marine Educator’s Conference at the Vancouver Aquarium. Vancouver, BC.

Zandvliet, D.B. (2008, January 6). Learning environments, environmental education and ecological literacy. Keynote paper at The influence of school, place and culture on Indigenous children's learning planning workshop. Taichung, Taiwan ROC.

Zandvliet, D.B. (2007, July). Environmental Learning. Keynote presentation to the Project WILD Facilitators Conference. Kelowna, BC.

Zandvliet, D.B. (2006, August 28). Environmental Learning and Learning Environments. Keynote presentation to the Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) Education Conference. Mackenzie Camp, Enderby, BC.