Current Projects

  • Collaborative Teaching Fellows Grant
    Faculty of Environment / SFU Sustainability (one year, internal), $27,000
  • Eco-thinking Journal
    University Publications Fund support, one year, SSHRC, $5,000
  • Professional Development in Environmental Learning
    Vancouver Foundation Grant (one year), $20,000
  • Finding the Sweet Spot: Urban Sustainability and Design Workshops
    Real Estate Foundation Grant (one year), $7,100

Previous Grants

  • 2014–2015
  • Fostering Student Well-Being and Engaged Learning
    Bringing Theory to Practice: with SFU Health, $11,000
    Sustainable Urban Neighbourhood Networks
    Real Estate Foundation Grant (one year), $10,000
  • 2011–2012
    Environmental Learning Panels
    TD Friends of the Environment Grant, $5,000
  • 2010–2011
    Environmental Learning and Experience
    SSHRC Research Dissemination Grant, $50,000
  • 2010
    Launch of the UN Chartered RCE for ESD and hosting of 2010 Canadian Network for Environmental Education and Communication conference
    Various competetive, conference and research development grants, $15,000
  • 2005–2010
    Pacific Centre for Science Literacy
    Co-Investigator; Principal Investigator: L. Yore (Collaborated on the development of this centre to improve science teaching)
    5 year NSERC– CRYSTAL, $1,000,000*
  • 2005–2010
    Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability
    Prinicipal Invesitgator: J. Robinson; Collaborator and Co-chair of cluster B (Community engagement) on a CFI, DFK project at the UBC Point Grey, campus.
  • 2006–2010
    Science Times Collaborative, a network of informal and formal educators developing socio-scientific issues (SSI) based educational resources
    Vancouver Foundation grant, $40,000
  • 2006–2007
    Development of research / dissemination teacher workshops and action research releted to BC’s Environmental Learning and Experience curriculum framework
    BC Ministry of Education grant, $60,000
  • 2003
    Developing Ecological Literacy
    SSHRC Research Development Initiative, $18,000
  • 2003
    To further develop learning environments research initiatives after a 4a assessment on my SSHRC Standard Research Grant proposal
    Internal SFU SSHRC, $10,000
  • 2003
    Learning Environments in Malaysian ‘Smart School’ Classrooms
    Ministry of Education, Malaysia, approximately $50,000
  • 2002
    E-Capacity, approved for a development grant to further develop a complete proposal for consideration by SSHRC
    Principal Investigator: M. Bryson
    INE Research Alliance Grant, $30,000
  • 2001 
    Infusing Technology into Teacher Education
    BC Ministry of Education, $75,000
  • 2001
    Research around the design, and implementation of ICT curriculum outcomes in SFU Teacher Education
    President's Research Grant, Simon Fraser University, $10,000
  • 2000
    Research focusing on the learning environment in Internet classrooms in BC
    BC Ministry of Education and Open School, $23,423
  • 2000
    Case studies in a variety of internet settings identified in the Internet environment study
    Negotiated matching research funding to the Ministry grant above from the Telelearning Networking Centres of Excellence, $13,000

Previous Contracts

  • 2011–2012
    Institute for Environmental Learning
    SFU Faculty of Education and Faculty of Environment ($5,000.00 from each faculty), $10,000
  • 2009–2010
    Development of video ethnographies the Summer Institute in EE
    GVRD, $26,000
  • 2006–2007
    Development of a research and evaluation plan for From Stream to Sea
    DFO, $5,000
  • 2002–2006
    Development of research with the society and to support development of SFU programming
    EEBC Grant, $17,642
  • 2001–2006
    Coordination of the annual program, website and meeting for the 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 Annual meetings of the National Association for Research in Science Teaching 
  • 2001
    Infusing Technology into Teacher Education project
    In kind contribution of hardware from Apple Canada, $6,000
  • 2001
    Development of Summer Institute for Teacher Education. Designed seminars and workshops for the 30th anniversary of environmental education programs at SFU
    Faculty of Education, SFU, $3,600