Graduate Student Supervision

Doctoral Senior Supervisor

Lucie Gagne (EdD, 2018)

Gordon Sturrock (PhD, 2017)

Peter Koci (PhD, 2013)

Jacqueline Pizzuti-Ashby (EdD, 2013)

Carlos Ormond (PhD, 2013)

Susan Teed (PhD, 2013)

Doctoral Committee Member

Gabriela Alonso-Yanez (PhD, 2013)

Quirien Mulder ten Kate (PhD, 2011)

Owen Frank Tyers (PhD, 2011)

Gillian Judson (PhD, 2008)

Masters Senior Supervisor

Maria Albuquerque (MA, 2022)

Barbara Wilson (MA, 2019)

Josh Coward (MA, 2016)

Jeremy Janz (MA, 2016)

Scott Barnes (MEd, 2015)

Heather Chapman (MEd, 2015)

Natasha Corewyn (MEd, 2015)

Stephanie Duncan (MEd, 2015)

Colleen Gilliespie (MEd, 2015)

Kerri Lanaway (MEd, 2015)

Chelsea Lawrence (MEd, 2015)

Dayna Muys (MEd, 2015)

Vincent Naidu (MEd, 2015)

Demos Papantoniou (MEd, 2015)

Luisa Richardson (MEd, 2015)

James Wilms (MEd, 2015)

Peter Clayton Dupuis (MA, 2013)

Ryan Barfoot (M.Ed., 2012)

Vanessa Cloutier (M.Ed., 2012)

Joan Crisp (M.Ed., 2012)

Jonathan Dyck (M.Ed., 2012)

Nicole Evans (M.Ed., 2012)

Allison Gilbert (M.Ed., 2012)

Norman Jansen (M.Ed., 2012)

Karen LaRochelle (M.Ed., 2012)

Vanessa Lee (M.Ed., 2012)

Jasmine Mason (M.Ed., 2012)

Melanie Mattson (M.Ed., 2012)

Wendy McDonnel (M.Ed., 2012)

Kimberly McIntyre (M.Ed., 2012)

Selina Metcalfe (M.Ed., 2012)

Christopher Parslow (M.Ed., 2012)

Heidi Rotenburger (M.Ed., 2012)

Scott Slater (M.Ed., 2012)

Karin Westland (M.Ed., 2012)

Sonya Sanghara (M.Ed., 2011)

David Rosborough (MA, 2010)

Karen Blackburn (M.Ed., 2009)

Rebecca Boudreau (M.Ed., 2009)

Jessica Hrechka (M.Ed., 2009)

Tina Kaminiarz (M.Ed., 2009)

Ninoosh Khosravinejad (M.Ed., 2009)

Cameron Little (M.Ed., 2009)

Marlene Nelson (M.Ed., 2009)

Zdena Novy (M.Ed., 2009)

Laura Piersol (M.Ed., 2009)

Kelcey Synak (M.Ed., 2009)

Nicole Vander Wal (M.Ed., 2009)

Carlos Ormond (M.Ed., 2008)

Avril Broekhuizen (M.Ed., 2007)

Gavin Clark (M.Ed., 2007)

Shirlene Cote (M.Ed., 2007)

Joan Fawcett (M.Ed., 2007)

Jeanette Inglis (M.Ed., 2007)

Kellyann Kuryk (M.Ed., 2007)

Roslyn Mustard (M.Ed., 2007)

Michele Nehring (M.Ed., 2007)

Alena Prchalova (M.Ed., 2007)

Joan McEwen (M.Ed., 2007)

Valerie Farragher (M.Ed., 2007)

Leigh Gibbs (M.Ed., 2007)

Catherine Hauptman (M.Ed., 2007)

Kalina Hein (M.Ed., 2007)

Leigh Taylor-Gibbs (M.Ed., 2007)

Carson Au (M.Ed., 2005)

Frank Fulop (M.Ed., 2005)

David Sands (M.Ed., 2004)

Ronald Stare (M.Ed., 2003)

Alfred Post (M.Ed., 2003)

Lucy Goodbrand (M.Ed., 2003)

Kelly Denholme (MA, 2003)

Sean Carter (MA, 2005)

Lora Hargreaves (MA, 2005)

Lesley Armstrong (M.Ed., 2005)

Carrie Burton (M.Ed., 2005)

Edward Csuka (M.Ed., 2005)

Byron Gammel (M.Ed., 2005)

Kimberley Gammel (M.Ed., 2005)

Andrew Grenier (M.Ed., 2005)

Margaret Kilian (M.Ed., 2005)

Peter Koci (M.Ed., 2005)

Melanie Miki (M.Ed., 2005)

Grace Morissette (M.Ed., 2005)

David Nebor (M.Ed., 2005)

Sharon Phillips (M.Ed., 2005)

Gordon Sturrock (M.Ed., 2005)

Marilyn Trautman (M.Ed., 2005)

Tracy Roberts (MA, 2004)

Other Institutions

Catherine Raaflaub (PhD) - Curtin University

Pei-Ling Hsu (PhD) - University of Victoria

Bruce Ford (MA) – University of British Columbia

Amanda Mitchell (MA) – University of British Columbia

Indira Dutt (MA) – University of British Columbia

Souraya Mansour (MA) - Royal Roads University

Connie Cirkony (MA) - Royal Roads University

External Examiner

Vanessa Smith (PhD, 2014), Educating for Environmental Literacy: The Environmental Content of the NSW Science Syllabuses, Student Conceptions of the Issues and Eduucating for the New Global Paradigm (Curtin University)

Mun Jung Kim (PhD, 2014), Connecting Children To The Ocean: Understanding Elementary Students’ Changes In Ocean Literacy During A Marine Aquarium Summer Camp Experience (University of British Columbia)

Sarah Brikke (PhD, 2014), Young People and the Environment: Exploring factors that influence young peoples’s environmentally caring behaviours in Indonesia (Griffith University)

Stephen Thomas Cohn (PhD, 2012),  Effectiveness of student response systems in terms of learning environment, attittudes and achievement (Curtin University)

Leissa Kelly (PhD, 2012), Marine Educators:
 Linking personal commitment, education and public policy (Deakin University)

Paul Kelly (PhD, 2010), School and Classroom Environment of a Small Catholic Secondary School (Australian Catholic University)

Amy Wilson (PhD, 2010), E-Learning Use and Relevance in Vocational Institutes in New Zealand (Curtin University)

Julien Zaragoza (PhD, 2009), Learning Environments and Attitudes among Elementary-school Students in Traditional Environmental Science & Field Study Classrooms (Curtin University)

Rachel Moll (PhD, 2009) Science Outreach Programs: Exploring Emotions, Science Identities, Attitudes, Motivations and Decision Making about Physics in Physics Competitions (University of British Columbia)

Julie Smith (M.Phil., 2008), An Evaluation Of The Effectiveness Of The Primary Extension Academic Challenge Online Programme For Gifted And Talented Students in Western Australian Primary Schools (Curtin University)

Catherine Reid (ScEdD, 2007), Teacher Interpersonal Behaviour: Its Influence on Student Motivation, Self-Efficacy & Attitude Towards Science (Curtin University)

Craig Kerr (PhD, 2005), Digital Learning Environments in Grades 10 and 11 Classrooms (Curtin University)

Christopher Burrell (PhD, 2004), The Acquisition and Analysis of Student Models Developed While Learning Programming Skills in a Microworld Learning Environment (Curtin University)

Catherine Martin-Dunlop (PhD, 2004), Perceptions of the Learning  Environment: Attitudes Towards Science and Understandings of the Nature of Science Among Prospective Elementary Teachers in an Innovative Science Course (Curtin University)

Vanessa Chang (PhD, 2003), Students' Perceptions of the Effectiveness of Web-Based Learning Environments in Higher Education (Curtin University)

Lina Pelliccione (PhD, 2001), Implementing Innovative Technology: Towards the Transformation of a University (Curtin University)