Current Courses

This instructor is currently not teaching any courses.

Program Development

  • M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction: Arts for Social Change (start date: Fall 2016)
  • PhD Investigating our Practice (start date: Fall 2015)
  • PhD program Arts in Education
  • Field program M.Ed. Examining Practices
  • Arts for Social Change Pilot Diploma with Judith Marcuse in collaboration with Centre for Life-long Learning (revised to become M.Ed. Arts for Social Change)    

Course Development and Revision

  • EDUC 823/816/830/822:  Courses for New MEd (Curriculum & Instruction) Arts for Social Change Program, enhanced to address the specifics of arts for social change, community partnerships and arts as inquiry and representation
  • EDUC 807:  Foundations of Action Research (revision)
  • EDUC 943:  Arts-Based Inquiry in Educational Research (with Celeste Snowber)
  • EDUC 458:  Exploring Arts for Social Change (originally EDUC 496)