Learning Through Encounters with Technology

To investigate the relationship, impact and interplay between performer and technology.

Co-Investigators: Lynn Fels (Simon Fraser University), Kathryn Ricketts (University of Regina) and Bob Pritchard (University of British Columbia)

How This Project Was Carried Out

Through a series of improvisational performances, we explored a variety of technological engagements: from the performer being filmed by a video camera; to the researcher entering into the performance with a video camera in hand; to the connecting of the performer by wires to a computer platform that elicited images through movement. This performative inquiry focused on the performative role technology plays in the co-creation of improvised performances. These improvised performances, some in the research studio, others in public, made visible the individual experiences, feelings, challenges, and learning realized by each of us.

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Why This Project Matters

Technology is increasingly being incorporated into performance. This research looks at the limits, resistance, opportunities, as well as the creative and emotional impact on the artist. Performative language is also brought to light when a performer engages in their art through a technologically based medium of inquiry. The research examines the relationship between those who create art and the role technology plays in that creation.