Invited Conference Presentations (selected)

Marom, L. & Ilieva, R. (2015, October). Becoming the “good teacher”: Professional capital conversion of internationally educated teachers". Panel on  Diversifying the Teaching Force: Critical Conversations, FOE, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB.

MacPherson, S., Ilieva, R.,Diaz-Santos G. , Gerst, A.   Williams, L. , S., Maffi, L. (2012,May). What does “sustainability” mean for EAL professionals: From local to global perspectives. Plenary panel. BC TEAL Annual conference, Vancouver, BC.

Ilieva, R. (2009, June). Valuing heritage languages and cultures in BC: Policies, practices, and challenges in the public school context. Keynote panel with Jim Cummins. Provincial conference on “International Languages and Education: Building Capacity”, SFU, Burnaby, BC.

Ilieva, R. (2007, July). Pre-service teachers and change: A case study of the MEd International program in TEFL at SFU. Paper presented at International Conference on “Action Research in Teacher Education”. Cheongju National University of Education, Korea.

Ilieva, R. (2007, June). A Sociocultural and Critical View on BC Language Education Policies and Programs for Minority Students in Public Schools. Paper presented at the Academic Forum including Jim Cummins (OISE) and David Watt (U of Calgary) at National Conference on “International languages and education: Access, equity, inclusivity.” Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC.

Ilieva, R. (2006, July). From the world to SFU and within: Creating a 3rd space. Closing remarks presented at “From SFU to the world and back: Weaving international and local perspectives” international conference, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC.