Graduate Student Supervision

Doctoral Supervisor

Densky, Karen (PhD, 2017), A multiple case study analysis of points of tension during TESL teaching practica 

Nelson, Kathy, (PhD, 2015), Finding Yemaya’s Sisters: Exploring Multimodal Approaches in Teacher Reflective Practice

Doctoral Committee Member

Zhang, Olivia (PhD, 2017), Past Expectations: Current Experiences, and Imagined Futures: Narrative Accounts of Chinese International Students in Canada 

Allen, Willow (PhD, 2016), White Euro-Canadian Women in Transracial/cultural Families: Lived Experiences of Race and Difference

Marom, Lilach (PhD, 2016), From Experienced Teachers to Newcomers to the Profession: The Capital Conversion of Internationally Educated Teachers in Canada

Naoko, Takei (PhD, 2015), Language, culture and ethnicity: A case of Japanese mixed heritage youth

Jiang, Yujia (PhD, 2014), ‘Roots’ or ‘Routes’: A case study of immigrant Chinese teachers of Mandarin in a Canadian university

Frank, Monica (PhD, 2013), Professional identity development: Life positioning analysis of foreign-trained teachers

Hayashi, Hisako (PhD, 2013), Becoming a student: Multilingual students’ identity construction at Simon Fraser University

Garson, Kyra (EdD, 2013), Are we graduating global citizens? A mixed methods study investigating students’ intercultural development and perceptions of intercultural and global learning in academic settings

Masters Supervisor

Shaw, F. (MA, 2014). Instructors of adult English as an additional language (EAL) students in British Columbia: Shared experiences in the Contact Zone

Suhr, C. (MA, 2014). Identity re-construction: An autoethnographic inquiry of an experienced non-native speaking English teacher in an English-dominant country

Masters Committee Member

Cuthbert, Colin (MA, 2017), A Place to Be, A Place to Become: An Insider's Report on Youth Integration Programs in the Lower Mainland 

Walsh, Jennifer (MA, 2011), Exploring identity formation and academic writing of multilingual students: Skipping through the academy

Jin, Shuqin (MA, 2008), Outside school English literacy of school-aged new immigrant children from China

Doctoral Internal/External Examiner

Ibata, Rima (PhD, 2016), SFU, Linguistics Department, English Language Learning in Japan: Representations of the English Language and the Worlds of English Language Users

Quinio, Ariel, (PhD, 2015), OISE, University of Toronto, From Policy to Reality: A Study of Factors Influencing the Employment Trajectories of Internationally Educated Professionals

Galiev, Albert, University of Calgary (PhD, 2013), Official bilingualism and immigrants: Perceptions, experiences and practices

Lockhart, Kim (EdD, 2012), L’identité professionnelle des enseignants de  l’immersion française en Colombie Britannique

Desgroseillers, Paule (EdD, 2012), Étude des représentations du bilinguisme et du français langue seconde chez des apprenants en Colombie- Britannique

Grineva, Marina, Memorial University (MEd, 2012), The Use of TV News in Teaching Culture in Foreign Language Classrooms

Laszlo, Richard (PhD, 2011), Participating in a Community of Learners: A Sociocultural Approach to the Inclusion of Students with Autism in Mainstream Classrooms

Masters Internal/External Examiner

Shorten, Lisa (MA, 2017), The Price of Admission: Private English Schools at the Inner/Expanding Circle Interface 

Khan, Afrina (MA, 2017), Be(come)ing an English Speaker: Positioning of South Korean Students in a Canadian University 

Burton, Jennifer (MA, 2016), University of Regina, Be(come)ing an English Speaker: Positioning of South Korean Students in a Canadian University

Schindel, Angela (MA, 2011), Learner perceptions of language choice in English as an additional language classrooms

Moores, Lisa (MA, 2008), Positive aspects of international students’ cross-cultural transition: A qualitative exploration

PhD/EdD Comprehensive Exam Examiner (2008–present)

  • 12 students

MEd Comprehensive Exam Supervisor (2004–present)

  • 113 students

Comprehensive Exam M.Ed Reader (2004–present)

  • 52 students