• The integration of immigrant, minority, and international students and teachers in educational settings
  • Teacher education and language teacher identities
  • Culture(s) and cultural instruction in second language classrooms, culture in instructional materials
  • Internationalizing higher education, viewing internationalization through a sustainability lens
  • Heritage languages in the public school system: Mandarin as a second language in high schools in Vancouver
  • The place of multimodality in language programs for immigrant and refugee youth

Projects and Funding

  • 2016–2018
    Developing a "Community of Inquiry": Inderdisciplinary collaborations for multilingual student success
    Principal Investigator. Co-investigator: V. Spiliotopoulos
    SFU CELLTR, $11,200
  • 2015–2016
    International students as designer immigrants: Exploring the experiences of graduates of the TEF/SL program residing in Canada
    Principal Investigator. Co-investigator: S. Fotovatian
    SFU Graduate Programs: TEF/SL, $3,000
  • 2013–2019
    P2P: Patheways to Prosperity Partnership
    Collaborator; Victoria Esses, Western University, Principal Investigator,
    SSHRC, $2.5 million
  • 2011–2014
    Investigating internationalization: A multidimensional case study

    Co-investigator. Principal Investigator: Beck, K. Collaborator: Waterstone, B.
  • 2010–2011
    Internationalizing the university: Critical perspectives
    Co-investigator. Principal Investigator: Beck, K. Collaborator: Waterstone, B.
  • 2009–2010
    Educational ecologies (Title of project within the larger project: Sustainable Internationalism)
    Co-investigator. Principal Investigator: de Castell, S. With K. Beck and B. Waterstone
  • 2007–2010
    The material effects of engagement with cultural discourses on classroom practices and/or on learner and teacher identities
    SFU President’s Research Start-Up Grant
  • 2007                   
    Non-native English speaking teachers’ constructions of professional identity in a Masters program in TEFL, MEd International Program in TES/FL

    Faculty of Education, SFU
  • 2005  
    Texts and culture(s) in two adult ESL classrooms
    PhD research, Faculty of Education, SFU