Get to know your Applied Sciences community by connecting with a FAS club, student society, or design team!

These student groups offer an opportunity to not only make friends within your program, but a chance to develop skills beyond the classroom or get access to learning and career resources.


Computing Science Student Society (CSSS) 

The Simon Fraser University Computing Science Student Society (CSSS) is a student-run society dedicated to promoting the interests of all students in the Computing Science major. If you are currently enrolled as a CMPT major, minor or are currently taking any undergraduate CMPT course, you are already a member of our community. The CSSS executive team aims to provide as best of a student life as possible for our over 2000 members, and we'd be delighted to have more people get involved with us as the new school year begins.The best way to get involved with us is our Discord server ( where we'll be holding various events to welcome new students. You may also follow us on Instagram.

Engineering Student Society (ESSS)

The Engineering Science Student Society (ESSS)'s mission is to foster engineering students' academic, career, and professional developemnt. We provide services and resources to help students succeed in their educational endeavours. We also host variety of events, programs, competitions, and career fairs, such as our annual PI week, Student Help Nights, Frosh and Peer Mentor Program, Canadian Engineering Competition, to help students interact with their peers, build connections, and enhance their network. Our students compete every year at the Western Engineering Competition and the Canadian Engineering Competition against the top teams of students from universities nationwide. We will also be hosting our annual career fair Op-Fair where we bring in a wide variety of companies to aid you in your ongoing co-op search. We are also partnering with the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students (CFES) and the Western Engineering Student Societies Team (WESST) and attend conferences across Canada to advocate on student life and engineering accreditation for post-secondary institutions. If you have any academic inquiries, we are your ambassadors and will help you voice your concerns to the right people. So be awesome, be intelligent, get the co-op of your dreams and join us at our Discord, and follow us on all our social media where you will hear about our events first. InstagramFacebook, LinkedInTwitter

Mechatronic Systems Engineering Student Society (MSESS) 

The Mechatronic Systems Engineering Student Society (MSESS) is established to serve and represent the interests of its members to the School of Mechatronic Systems Engineering (MSE), throughout Simon Fraser University, and beyond to industry and other engineering societies. If your declared major is in MSE, or you're taking any MSE course in Surrey, then you are automatically a member of the MSESS. The MSESS, run entirely by students, promotes school spirit and fosters community building by providing opportunities for you to interact with fellow students, faculty, staff and industry. Social events take place throughout the year, and the Student Society also organizes Systems Fair, SFU Engineering Competition, and participates in conferences, as well as the Western Engineering Competition and the Canadian Engineering Competition. Connect with us via the Discord, Facebook, and Instagram

Software Systems Student Society (SSSS) 

Whether you are a Software Systems (SoSy) student or a student enrolled in a Surrey CMPT class, you are represented by the Software Systems Student Society (SSSS). Our core missions are to promote student community, provide resources/information, and to address student issues and concerns. This means that the SSSS can be helpful to you at many points throughout your SFU career. We can help you with many different things including: supplying students with a virtual space to discuss anything from their life at SFU to the courses they need assistance with, assisting with any issues or concerns you may have with SFU, SoSy, or even your classes and providing fun experiences to engage both yourself and your classmates during our frequent events and yearly Frosh. Some past events the SSSS has held have included job fairs (Systems Fair), hackathons (System Hacks), board games nights and more! You can explore more about the SSSS on our website. You can receive updates and find other students in your classes in the SSSS Discord, or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Sustainable Energy Engineering Student Society (SEESS)

The Sustainable Energy Engineering Student Society (SEESS) is a departmental student union within the SFSS that aims to represent the wants and needs of SFU SEE students. We are the new kids on the block, and aim to make sure your university experience is the best that it can be. This includes social events, student advocacy, sustainability initiatives, and extending support wherever possible. Our goal is to foster a community of inclusivity and uplift one another throughout our degree. As a SEE student, you are automatically a member of the SEESS and can seek out SEESS specific opportunities and resources, you are also be able to participate in meetings as voting members or take on leadership roles within the student body. Feel free to connect with us through the social media platform, SEESS Website, Instagram or email us at We are so excited to meet you all!

Women in Computing Science (WiCS)

Women in Computing Science (WiCS) is an SFU student group that aims to support women including those who identify as female, non-binary, agender, and intersex throughout their study of Computing Science. It can be difficult to meet other women in your classes (especially these days) or feel comfortable discussing diversity & inclusion issues. WiCS is a place where you can do those things. All are welcome at most of our events. Here are some ways (all virtual) to get involved with WiCS: join the WiCS maillist and social media at, attend one of our events: game nights, movie nights, interview prep workshops, general meetings. If you have any questions, feel free to join us on Discord or email us at

Women in Clean Tech (WiCT)

Women in Clean Tech (WiCT) is an SFU-Surrey based club focused on connecting all students in STEM while exploring clean technology initiatives. Our club has hosted numerous social events including work-life balance workshops, themed study sessions as well as panels with industry professionals. We also provide opportunities to attend conferences, and join our annual multi-disciplinary design teams to build technical experience and skill development. We welcome students of all genders to take part in our club activities and support our initiatives. If you are interested in joining our club or would like to learn more about WiCT, follow  us on Instagram (@wict_sfu) or send us an email at Welcome to SFU, we look forward to connecting with you

Women in Engineering (WiE)

The Women in Engineering (WiE) is a non-profit student club at Simon Fraser University that aims to empower women in engineering through outreach programs for high school students, mentorship programs to support current university students, and networking sessions and company tours to aid in the career development for those entering the corporate world. WiE SFU is committed to increasing representation and awareness of nonconforming groups in the engineering profession and is actively working to ensure that the engineering field is more diverse, inclusive and reflective of the future. Achieving gender equity in engineering requires the active involvement of everyone, thus self-identifying women, under-represented groups and allies are all welcome to join our club.

Women in Engineering Design Team (WiE Design) is a small technical club that is a subset of WiE. WiE Design consists of self-identifying females and other under-represented groups in STEM who are building PPE to combat COVID-19 and a garbage-collector robot to combat increasing amounts of garbage on beaches. Contact us to find out more about the club and how to get involved: InstagramFacebookWebsite, or email

SFU Robot Soccer

SFU’s first Robot Soccer club aims to combine the excitement of soccer with the future of automated technology as we compete in RoboCup Soccer competitions. Our team encourages students from all programs to come together and learn concepts that are not taught in class and get hands-on experience with robotics, artificial intelligence, and teamwork. The best way to get involved with us is our Discord server, where we'll be holding various events to welcome new students as well as our weekly meetings. Connect with us through WebsiteFacebookLinkdInDiscord and Instagram. We hope to meet you soon.

SFU Satellite Design Team 

SFU Satellite Design Team (SAT) is a design team focused on designing and building satellites. We participate in competitions, government funded projects, and also run our own independent projects, often partnering with other designs teams or organizations. You can learn more about our current and past projects on our website. Though many of our members are FAS students, we consider ourselves a multidisciplinary team and invite members with any kind of background to join. To join our team, follow us on our instagram to get updated when our recruitment periods open, typically at the start of each new semester.