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How to register for courses

Are you an admitted Graduate Liberal Studies (GLS) student looking for guidance on course registration?

Below, you will find guidance on registering for courses and other useful information for new GLS students.

Course outlines

Explore the GLS curriculum by viewing current and past course outlines.

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First-time registration

After you have been accepted into the Graduate Liberal Studies (GLS) program, the next step is for staff to ensure that you are admitted to Graduate Studies.

Once that has happened, you will receive a letter from Graduate Studies confirming your status. The letter will include your SFU student number if you do not already have one.

Before registering for the first time, you will need to:

  • Pay your $250 non-refundable admission deposit (this amount is subtracted from the tuition you will pay after registering)
  • Activate your computing ID. To activate your computing ID, please visit SFU Account Activation and follow the steps. Please note: Your admission deposit must be paid before you can activate your computing ID.

Registration for LS 800

During the summer, GLS staff will send out an e-mail with registration information and instructions. Registration is done via the Student Information System website. You are always welcome to contact the GLS office if you need assistance with registration. We suggest that you begin the process as soon as you’ve been admitted to Graduate Studies so that any difficulties can be resolved prior to the start of classes.

Once you have registered, your fee assessment is available on It is advisable to pay your fees in full by the deadline to avoid late fees and interest charged. Outstanding fees will cause your registration status to be “blocked” in the next semester.

Only the students admitted to each year's cohort are able to register in LS 800, so there is no concern that the course might fill up while you wait for your admission to go through.

U-pass and student ID

For instructions on getting your U-Pass and student ID, please visit the Grad Students' Getting Started page.

Pre-class dinners

The GLS program will collect a fee that covers pre-class dinners and printing costs for the two core courses. You will be advised prior to the start of the term as to the location of the class dinners. Dinners begin at 5:00 pm to give enough time for the group to be served and fed. There are no program fees or mandatory pre-class dinners for other GLS seminars.

Registration for all other courses

Registration is online and opens approximately six weeks before the start of the term. If at all possible, please register before classes begin—late registration will result in additional fees.

Course outlines

Explore the GLS curriculum by viewing current and past course outlines.

View current & past course outlines