Fees & funding

Below, you will find some information on fees and funding relating to the Graduate Liberal Studies (GLS) program at Simon Fraser University (SFU).


Due to graduate fees being set annually by the university, tuition and other fees will vary somewhat over the course of the program. There are additional costs associated with the program that are not directly established by the university.

Tuition for the Graduate Liberal Studies (GLS) program is calculated on a per-credit basis. Each course is worth five credits. Currently, tuition is $163.71 per credit hour, or $818.55 per course.

Additional student fees are as follows:

  • Athletic-Recreation fee: $40.03 per term
  • Grad Student Society fee: $55.48 per term
  • Student Services fee: $48.05 per term
  • Universal Transit Pass (U-Pass): $170.00 per term

Please visit the Dean of Graduate Studies website for further information. More information about the U-Pass can be found on the SFU U-pass website.

For first-year students, there will also be a pre-class dinner fee of approximately $275.00, which is collected at the first class in September.


The GLS program offers limited funding for its students. Since this is primarily a part-time program, with many of our students being regularly employed, we are unable to guarantee incoming students a certain level of funding.

We encourage GLS students to apply for private scholarships and internal awards.

Information on the process for awarding graduate fellowships is distributed to students in the program each year, with the relevant application and deadline information. For those students wishing to apply for external scholarship support through SSHRC competitions, workshops are offered every year to help students prepare their applications. Some GLS students are eligible to apply for Graduate Fellowships and for Private Awards administered by SFU. To find out more, visit the Graduate Studies website.

TA/TM appointments

Graduate Liberal Studies students have, on occasion, been hired as Teaching Assistants and Tutor Markers in departments such as Humanities and English. For details on TA/TM appointment vacancies and the process for applying, please contact these departments directly.