Welcome to the Graduate Liberal Studies Program

The Graduate Liberal Studies Program offered by SFU is an interdisciplinary program leading to the degree of Master of Arts in Liberal Studies.  This is a part-time program, designed for working or otherwise busy adults, with classes offered during evening and weekend hours at SFU's downtown campus.

The objective of Graduate of Liberal Studies program is to apply insight gained from many of the traditional Arts, Science, and Social Science disciplines to foster progressive discourse and innovative thought while creating a community of engaged citizens. We encourage our students to enrich their daily lives by critically exploring, refining, and challenging their core value systems.  This in turn gives them the confidence and ability to participate, contribute, and effect positive change in the greater community. 

In the best tradition of liberal education, the GLS program addresses some of the great works of our intellectual and artistic heritage, studies the perennial concerns that have shaped our culture, and explores contemporary perspectives on traditional ideas and values.