Course outlines

Please find current course outlines listed below. Past course outlines can be found here.

Fall 2024

LS 812: A Path Forward? Culture and Nature as Partners

Thurs 6:30PM – 9:20PM | Online

LS 816:  The Art of Writing

Wed 6:00 PM – 8:50 PM | Online

LS 800:  Reason and Passion I 

 Emily O'Brien | Wed | Online 

Abstract: This course explores a variety of texts that express or reflect upon the human passions and upon the relationship between those passions and the realms of action, will, and reason. While there is some chronological coherence in the ordering of the texts, the primary intent is to examine issues and themes that reflect human experiences, feelings and behaviours - full course outline and texts coming soon.

Coming Soon.

LS 819:  Selected Topics

Martin Laba | Tues 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM | In Person  

Abstract:  A look at popular music from a range of perspectives, including history, the rise of genres, aesthetics, and commercialization. (course outline coming soon). Martin Laba is professor in the Faculty of Communications, SFU


Coming Soon.

Please note: LS 829 - Directed Study provides an opportunity for individual study on a topic of the student's choice, under the guidance of one or more faculty. Arrangements must be approved in advance by the Graduate Program Chair, Gary McCarron. Normally, no more than two such offerings may count toward the GLS master of arts degree. The Directed Study Approval form must be completed and submitted to the GLS office for approval.