Graduate Liberal Studies

Graduate Liberal Studies (GLS) Alumnus, Daphne Bramham, to receive the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws, honoris causa

June 05, 2024

Daphne Bramham, author, journalist, activist, and one of the most respected voices in British Columbia, will be awarded the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws, honoris causa, at the upcoming convocation ceremony on June 11th. For over two decades, she has used her column in the Vancouver Sun to cover a wide range of topics, including particle accelerators, polygamy, the Olympics, high-level economic meetings, elections in India, and the prospect of war in Taiwan.

While at the Vancouver Sun, Bramham enroled in the Graduate Liberal Studies program. Like her peers, she looked forward to reading books and discussing themes and interpretations, becoming a part of the ‘community of learners’. Many professionals pursue a degree in liberal studies for various reasons; for Bramham, GLS fulfilled elements missing from her previous education. Bramham recognizes the value of her liberal education and offers the following advice to prospective journalists:

 “if you can afford it, take a general arts degree before going to journalism school.” To colleagues, she suggests the GLS program “as a way to broaden their knowledge and gain some distance and perspective from the daily grind of news writing.”

After four decades of journalism, Bramham sees this honorary degree as a recognition of her lifetime of work. She is most grateful for the trust that so many people have placed in her over the years to tell their stories. For her, this distinguished award acknowledges her dedication to journalism and its ability to create a better society for every citizen by telling the stories of the most vulnerable.

Graduate Liberal Studies Program 

Graduate Liberal Studies at Simon Fraser University, Harbour Centre Campus, is an interdisciplinary master of arts program desgined for part-time studies. The only program of its kind in Canada, GLS is both flexible and diverse, allowing working individuals to explore the ideas and values that shape our culture.

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