Ewan Clark

Ewan Clark Memorial Award


Ewan (Sudsy) Clark was an actor, radio show host (CBC Halifax) and musician. He graduated from SFU with his MA in GLS in 2001.

Ewan worked as a television and stage actor and had a career as a musician and taught Celtic Fiddle. He was a founding member of the Alliance of Canadian Television and Radio Artists (ACTRA) and was also a founding member of the Union of British Columbia Performers and the new West Arts Council.

During his time in the GLS Program he participated in several Travel Study Courses to Italy and Scotland and is remembered by his fellow students as a willing driver for the group and was always willing to share his performing talents to entertain with music and humour.

He is remembered for his love of ideas and generosity of spirit. Ewen Clark passed away in 2011 after a short battle with cancer. The Ewan Clark Memorial Award was established in 2012 to be awarded yearly to an actor, musician, artist, or writer enrolled in the GLS MA or PhD program