Video: Roundtable discussion on Pierre and Justin Trudeau

December 21, 2013

SFU Historians Elise Chenier, Nicolas Kenny, Allen Seager, and Roxanne Panchasi discuss the politics and styles of Pierre and Justin Trudeau. The talk was part of the SFU Department of History's lecture series, Heroes and Villains: Rethinking Good and Evil in History.


Many Canadians view Pierre Elliott Trudeau as a Canadian hero, perhaps the most charismatic Prime Minister the nation has ever seen. Yet others are far more critical of Trudeau’s leadership and legacies. This ambivalence has led to popular opinion polls naming Pierre one of the greatest and worst Canadian of all time. Justin, Pierre’s 41-year-old son and current leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, is no less of a polarizing figure than his father. A media darling, Justin’s youthful energy and charm have worked both for and against him in assessments of his political capital and potential.

Watch this panel of Canadian historians as they explore the past, present, and future of the Trudeau dynasty.

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