Alumnus Simone Hanebaum earns prestigious Cambridge scholarship

April 21, 2015

Congratulations to Simone Hanebaum, one of our recent graduates from the Masters program, who has been accepted to the University of Cambridge to pursue a PhD in history in October 2015. Simone has also won a major award, the Cambridge International Scholarship which will fund her tuition and some living expenses.

Simone will be a member of Peterhouse, the oldest and smallest of the Cambridge colleges. Under the supervision of Dr. Alexandra Walsham, Simone’s research will focus on how the lower gentry in England from 1500 to 1750 participated in the preservation of the past while interacting with, perpetuating, creating, or challenging the institutionally crafted memories or histories of the English Church and State. In doing so, Simone hopes her research will contribute to our understanding of the contested place the uses of history occupied in early modern English society. This work will build on the themes she began to explore at SFU for her master's degree. 

Simone is a graduate of SFU History's B.A. program ('12) and M.A. program ('14).


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