Employee Achievement Awards

Recognizing excellence

FASS Employee Achievement Awards recognize the dedication and hard work of FASS employees including staff, faculty and temporary instructors in our collective service to the arts, humanities and social sciences and to our communities.

2023 Employee Achievement Award Winners

Individual Work Performance

An alumnus of the humanities program, Huyen Pham has been working with the Department of Global Humanities and the Institute for the Humanities since 2014. In her various roles – first as a program assistant, then as a communications coordinator, and now as department manager – Huyen is known for going above and beyond, and for being the reliable voice of reason and calm in any crisis. Her attention to detail, creativity, and strong work ethic has helped to elevate the reputation and profile of Global Humanities. 

Term Teaching or Research Faculty

Adam Blanchard is a term assistant professor at the Department of Psychology where he completed his master's in clinical forensic psychology and PhD in experimental psychology and law. As part of his teaching philosophy, Adam believes that an educator’s role is to not only help students succeed in class, but it is also to impart onto them the skills and confidence they need to succeed in their future careers. Described by faculty and students as a diligent and engaging instructor, Blanchard incorporates interactive and problem-based learning into his courses as a way to help students develop critical thinking skills and become more engaged with the class material.  

Sessional Instructor

Described by his doctoral supervisor as “a true polymath”, Evan Caldbick has been praised for his ability to communicate his intellectual curiosity to students in a highly infectious way, turning challenging material into an engaging exercise in storytelling. His colleagues at the Department of Psychology attest to Evan’s genuine concern for his students' academic growth and well-being, often adapting his teaching methods to be more accessible and providing extra support both inside and outside the classroom.

Teaching Assistant or Tutor Marker

Over the years as a teaching assistant with the Department of Psychology, Richard Hohn has demonstrated adeptness in teaching complex methodology courses in an approachable manner. The enthusiasm he brings to quantitative courses, usually considered challenging by many students, has had a positive impact in the classroom, as evident by the positive evaluations Richard receives every time he teaches. 

Teaching Assistant or Tutor Marker

As a Criminology alumnus herself, Sara Doering uses her lived experience to help students succeed in their class material. Often embodying a positive and optimistic attitude, Sara goes above and beyond for her students at every possible opportunity, including creating resource documents and preparing mini lectures. According to her student nominators, her empathy and commitment to student success has made a big difference in their learning experience.

Past Winners


  • Changemaker: Derrick Woo, FASS Dean's Office 
  • Individual Work Performance: Lauren Gilbert, Global Humanities
  • Team: FASS Managers, FASS Dean's Office 
    • Tracey Anbinder, Mike Perry, Lynn Kool, Leena Edmeads, Valerie Ceppi, Roberta Neilson, Anne Marie Barrett, Judi Fraser, Cristina Serverius, Phil Cunningham, Ellen Yap, Rita Parmar, Laura Bologea, Brian Chand, Tara Smith, Dawn Allison, Sylvia Chow, Karen Sawatzky, Maria Hamilton
  • Lifetime Contributions: Jasper and the FASS IS and FASS TRACS team, FASS Dean's Office 
    • Jasper Stoodley, Tess Williams, Edward Molina, Michel Hasrouni, Harry Janke, CJ Ng, Elise McClay, Michael Hsu, David Deng, Jianping Chen, Erik Tryggvason, Jiansen Lu, Chiyoko Kawano
  • Teaching Assistant or Tutor Marker: Hollis Schmidt, Criminology 
  • Term Teaching or Research Faculty: Sepideh Fotovatian, Economics


  • Individual work performance: Abdul Zahir, School of Criminology & Anne Marie Barrett, Department of Gerontology
  • Team award: 
    • Department of Indigenous Studies - Phil Cunningham, Brett Romans, Shagufta Saddiq, Aman Chandi 
    • FASS Advisors - Meghan Grant, Rachel Chiang, Elisa Herrell, Tracey Sherwood, Toyosi Bamgboye, Rosaline Baik, Claire de Lisser, Allen Yee, Emily Co, Gabriel Sauro, Morgan Jeffery, Azam Bhatti, Anthea Pasin, Kathryn Ward, Hélène Pouliot, Rachelle Hiebert, Roberta Neilson, Anne Marie Barrett, Tessa Wright, Katie Nordgren, Lorraine Yam, Phil Cunningham, Ellen Yap, Aleks Besan, Terrence Yang, Elda Hajdarovac, Rita Parmar, Laura Bologea, Brian Chand, Maria Hamilton
  • Teaching assistant or tutor marker: Beau Wallbridge, Department of Psychology & Violeta Dima, Department of Political Science
  • Sessional instructor: Dr. Sherrie Atwood, Department of Psychology
  • Term Teaching or Research Faculty: Dr. Leanne Roderick, Urban Studies Program and Department of Geography & Dr. Lesley Schimanski, Department of Psychology
  • Changemaker: Gladys We, FASS Dean's Office


  • Lifetime contributions: Malcolm Toms, Manager, Network Operations
  • Individual work performance: Eliza So, Undergraduate Program Assistant, Political Science
  • Teaching assistant or tutor marker: Anthony Nguyen, Philosophy
  • Sessional instructor: Nicole Muir, Psychology
  • Limited term instructor: Mark Deggan, World Literature


  • Lifetime contributions: Anita Turner, Psychology
  • Individual work performance: Roberta Neilson, Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies 
  • Teaching assistant or tutor marker: Thomas Vigié, Economics
  • Sessional instructor: Charmaine Perkins, Criminology
  • Term Teaching or Research Faculty: Clare McGovern, Political Science
  • Changemaker: Genevieve Fuji Johnson, Political Science
  • Team: Department of Economics