Peer Harm Reduction on the Darknet

Funding Agency: SSHRC – through the Human-Centric Cybersecurity Partnership

Awarded: 2023

Value: $25,000

Principal Investigator: Dr. Richard Frank

Description: The volume of drug trafficking on darknet markets is at an all-time high. While harm reduction is a well-researched topic in general, only a few studies have examined harm reduction on the darknet. Actors on the supply-side of darknet drug trade (operators and vendors) deal with harm reduction because of their economic interests. Many darknet markets share information on harm reduction on their info pages, and vendors often provide instructions for safe drug use in product descriptions. Harm reduction activities also take place on the demand-side, drug users share important information with each other on forums. The goal of this research is the in-depth examination of this information and its evaluation with the active involvement of stakeholders.