Dr. Garth Davies

Garth Davies is an Associate Professor in the School of Criminology at Simon Fraser University and is the Co-Director of the Terrorism, Risk, and Security Studies professional online Master's Program at Simon Fraser University. His current work involves developing a database for evaluating programs for countering violent extremism; the social psychology of radicalization; and the statistical modeling and projection of violent right-wing extremism. He has also been involved in the development of the Terrorism and Extremism Network Extractor (TENE), a web-crawler designed to investigate extremist activities on the internet. The crawler is presently being adapted to examine violent extremism on the dark net. Dr. Davies earned his Ph.D. in Criminal Justice from Rutgers University.


Contact Information:

Email: garthd@sfu.ca
Phone: +1 (778) 782-4764

Relevant Publications:

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