Dr. Gregor Urbas

Dr. Gregor Urbas is an Associate Professor of Law at the University of Canberra. He joined the university University of Canberra in early 2013 after a decade teaching at the Australian National University and previous research positions at the Australian Institute of Criminology, IP Australia, and the Law Council of Australia. He is internationally recognized for his expertise in cybercrime and intellectually property enforcement. His research interests include cybercrime, criminal trials and appeals, intellectual property enforcement, DNA identification evidence, and victims of crime.

Contact Information:

Email: gregor.urbas@canberra.edu.au

Relevant Publications:

Urbas, G. (2012). Cybercrime, Jurisdiction and Extradition: The Extended Reach of Cross-Border Law Enforcement. Journal of Internet Law, 16(1), 7-17.

Urbas, G. (2012). Copyright, Crime and Computers: New Legislative Frameworks For Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement. Journal of International Commercial Law and Technology, 7(1), 11-26

Urbas, G. (2010). Protecting Children From Online Predators: The Use of Covert Investigation Techniques by Law Enforcement. Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice, 26(2), 410-425.

Smith R., Grabosky, P., & Urbas, G. (2004). Cyber Criminals on Trial. Cambridge University Press.
*Awarded American Society of Criminology's Division of International Criminology 2005 Book Prize