annie ross


T: 778.782.3575
Room: SWH 9087


2002 Doctor of Philosophy. Native American (Indigenous, First Nations) Studies, Painting. University of California, Davis

Dissertation: One Mother Earth, One Doctor Water: Environmental Justice in the Age of Nuclearism. A Native American View

1988 Master of Arts. Native American Art History, Museology, Painting. University of Washington, Seattle

Thesis: Stories, The Sea and the People: the Manifestation of Whaling Magic, Anatomy, and Ritual in the Bentwood Hunting Helmet of the Aleut.


annie ross (Maya) is a Professor in the Department of Indigenous Studies at Simon Fraser University. Daughter of a strong traditional Maya mother and auntie and WWII veteran storyteller father (Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia). Began education at home with plants, animals, art, Indigenous hand work, storytelling, and history in Compton, California, from parents dispossessed of their traditional lands.

Developed and taught courses focusing on rights and title, environmental justice, and testimonio as a means to remedy from past political oppressions; Indigenous art histories, technologies/craft, weaving, poetry and poetics, and printmaking as part of a panoply, a canon, of what we mean when we say Indigenous Bioregionalisms.