This program studies traditional and contemporary issues involving Indigenous peoples of North America and Canada in particular. 

Designed for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students, its focus is on Indigenous knowledge, cultures, languages, and histories, as well as the development of federal and provincial policy toward Indigenous peoples, Indigenous rights and title questions, economic development and self-government.

The minor critically presents and examines these issues with the perspectives of Indigenous peoples, and will present research methods pertinent to past, present and future issues affecting Indigenous peoples.

This program may be completed in conjunction with any major honours bachelor's degree, or as part of a Bachelor of Arts degree with two minors. Students should plan their program in consultation with the Indigenous Studies advisor.

Program Requirements


A wide range of scholarships and bursaries are available to students enrolled in Indigenous Studies. Please visit SFU Financial Aid and Awards for a comprehensive listing of available internal and external awards.

Student Advising

Advising by appointment

E-mail the Undergraduate Advisor at indgadv@sfu.ca with your detailed question or appointment request. Include your student number and Advising Transcript

Students can also book appointments with the Undergraduate Advisor through Advisor Link

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