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Indigenous Studies Research Certificate

This program explores the histories, cultures, languages, governance structures, knowledge systems, and contemporary realities of Indigenous peoples within lands claimed by the colonial-settler state of Canada, and teaches basic research skills in this context. The certificate, which can be completed as a full-time or part-time program or as part of a bachelor's degree, is especially suited to students who wish to gain proficiency in Indigenous content, issues impacting Indigenous communities, and basic cultural resource management skills. Students should plan their admission and program in consultation with the Indigenous Studies Advisor.

Certificate Requirements

Indigenous Studies Post Baccalaureate Diploma

Through Indigenous Studies courses and courses from other disciplines, the program provides in-depth knowledge of Indigenous issues including First Nations cultures and Indigenous knowledge, historical contexts, natural and cultural resource management, and legal and public policy issues. Learners engage in dialogue and discussion around these issues and evaluate them, considering Indigenous perspectives. This program is comprised of at least 30 units of upper division or graduate level courses.

Diploma Requirements

Student Advising

Advising by appointment

E-mail the Undergraduate Advisor at indgadv@sfu.ca with your detailed question or appointment request. Include your student number and Advising Transcript

Students can also book appointments with the Undergraduate Advisor through Advisor Link

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