Indigenizing Curriculum in response to the TRC Calls to Action

Supported by Aboriginal Strategic Initiatives (ASI), as per the SFU ARC report

Through this project, Indigenous Studies (INDG) courses were developed, updated, as well as digitized for accessible online delivery and learning, making it possible for students to remotely complete an INDG Research Certificate. Providing robust curricula on topics such as residential schools, treaties, and other issues impacting Indigenous Peoples in Canada directly responds to the TRC Calls to Action (62.1). Also available on this website are resources, such as recorded lectures, that can be used by the wider community for educational purposes.

Complete an Indigenous Studies Research Certificate online*:

The following are online courses available to fulfill requirements**

  • INDG 101 – Introduction to Indigenous Studies (3)
  • INDG 201W – Indigenous Peoples' Perspectives on History (3)
  • INDG 210 – Introduction to Indigenous Digital Media (3)
  • INDG 211 – Researching Residential Schools (3)
  • INDG 301 – Issues in Applied Indigenous Studies Research (3)
  • INDG 305 – Treaties in Canada (1)
  • INDG 333 – Indigenous Ethnozoology (3)
  • INDG 401 – Indigenous Peoples and Public Policy (3)
  • INDG 402W – Discourses of Indigenous Peoples (3)
  • INDG 410 – Elements of Indigenous Style: Indigenous Editing Practices (4)
  • INDG 419 – Aboriginal/Indigenous Justice (3)


*Not all courses are offered in an online format each term

**Consult the SFU Calendar for the most accurate and up-to-date information

INDG 210: Introduction to Indigenous Digital Media

Authored by Dr. Alix Shield

INDG 211: Researching Residential Schools

Credit to the participants of Dr. Winder's photovoice project for the images in this graphic.

Authored by Dr. Natahnee Winder

INDG 305: Treaties in Canada Microcredit Course

Graphic created by Lana Bachynski

Authored by Dr. Maddie Reddon

Other resources

Suitable for classrooms and interested learners in the wider community