The Co-Laboratorio Project

Strengthening collaborative practice and enhancing the role of local universities as development and innovation partners for inclusive growth

The Canadian International Resources and Development Institute (CIRDI)
Peruvian Government
Peruvian Universities/ Research Centres
Private Enterprise
NGO/Civil Association/International

Global Affairs Canada


Simon Fraser University, as a coalition partner in The Canadian International Resources and Development Institute (CIRDI) develops and implements a social innovation lab in Peru, named Co-Laboratorio PerĂº. Its goal is to strengthen innovation and collaboration among policy-makers, local government, universities, industry, NGOs and community leaders.

The social change Collaboratory (Co-lab) supports stakeholders in leading sustainable growth and inclusiveness in mining regions of Peru. The activities of the Co-Lab will lead to more sustainable livelihoods and inclusive growth among citizens in the regions of Arequipa and Cusco through:

  • Strengthening the innovation and collaboration capacity among universities, civil society, industry, government, women and youth will lead to increased resilient solutions in policies, processes and practice.
  • Build the capacity of local Peruvian universities for more engaged development work, research and innovative partnerships.
  • Equip universities to play a greater role in educating the next generation of leaders and helping to drive change and sustainable outcomes.
  • For the CIRDI Peru Co-Lab page, click here.


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